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---<<SCHAFs Avi Requests>>---

well like the title says, this is where you request for your pic
to be turned into a work of art =o [[aii think Oo]]
we'll try our best to meet your satisfaction for you Request!--


✖Only one request per day !
✖You may request for a certain mod but please
request for some other mod every once in a while!
[[if people request for a certain mod too many times, then
no one will be allowed to request from that mod for a day]]
✖Fill out the whole entire form


The Picture:
Payment (3 Invites to friends and 1 photo upload):

For Moderators

✖ When doing a request, put in Pending and your username !
Once your done, please put in DONE/username
Thank You! =)


✖To those whom are requesting:
YOU MUST use the avi that's been done for you for atleast 1 day!
If NOT, then we will postpond your next avi request for as long as we want >:[
Or we can just skip you the next time you request from us !
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Isn't this suppose to be in a group? You made this thread in the wrong place dear.

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