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Post Reply Be The Cat Tamer (Mod Application)
Posted 9/2/09 , edited 9/2/09

pelite222 wrote:


Name: Maddy
Nickname: ______
What game you'll make?: (give the example) : Rate the avii above you, word chain, kawaii or not etc.
Can you be an active mod?: Of course..but my school will slow me down..
How many hours a day can you be online?: right now about 2..but i don't know...
Are you a mod from other groups:(give me group example): Umm..Starlight Decorations, Avatar Shoppu, Crazy Workshop etc.
Why do u want to be mod: I love games~!:3
Invited ur buddies and added to your favourites?(please inform and I'll check it): I already invited them~! :p
Photo of urs for display in group profile: (not real please and in spoiler)

umm... but u just can at one position. 0_0;
Posted 9/2/09 , edited 9/2/09

Oh, really? okzz..sorry~!
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