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[DA] Thread on Abortion
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Posted 12/31/11 , edited 12/31/11


If you have made enough of a mistake as to deny another life from living because you had an itch in your crotch, then it is seems your life is the one that should be brought to an end. As it is you can possibly make money to support an unwanted child. So in that case your continued living is justified to an extent. Beyond that, the stupidity that forever marks you defines who you are.

People will tell you that sex is okay if the people involved love each other. An expression of love is nothing to be ashamed of. If all they do is utilize the pleasure of that expression and continually frustrate their biological function, what does it amount to?

It would be best that a person remains celibate if sex is just a plaything to them. Forever tortured in their inability to have a mate. As they well and truly deserve.

Wow... just WOW!
That has to be the most ignorant comment I've read in a LONG time.
Posted 1/6/12 , edited 1/6/12
The solution is to be more careful and if he doesn't want to wear a condom he can get out of your apartment.

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