Contest: Make Your Own Character
Posted 8/15/09 , edited 8/17/09
This contest is where you can make your own Bleach character; and if you win. . . .
Your character will get added to the Role Play List. And the runner-ups will get a banner.

But of course you need to follow the fomat.


Character's Name: First Name/Last Name (It doesn't have to be japanese.)

Character's Species: Human/Shinigami/Vizard/Hollow/Arrancar/Quincy/Bount/Zanpakutō Spirit
Arrancar Rank as well; Menos,Gillian, Adjuchas, and Vasto Lorde.

Character's Apperance: Ex: height, eye color, hair color/length and etc.

Character's Personality: Such as calm, stubborn, hot headed, etc.

Character's Power(s):
Human = Their powers can be like hollow or shinigami or don't even fit into a catergory
Shinigami = Zanpakutō's Name & Abilities
Vizard = Zanpakutō and Hollow
Hollow = Special Abilities; such as leech bombs
Arrancar = Resurrección
Quincy = No need to do this if your character is a quincy
Bount = Doll and their Element
Zanpakutō Spirit = Abilities

Please note that everyone can join this contest; students, seated officers, teachers, headmasters and mods. All the finialists will be picked by me and be voted upon yourselves.


Username: kairiXhinataXhyuga65
Character's Name: Kairi Hayashi
Character's Species: Shinigami
Character's Apperance: Short and petite, pale skinned, blue-green eyes, medium length brown hair.
Character's Personaility: Cold, calm, stubborn, and indifferent.
Character's Power(s): Zanpakutō (Shikai): Haruki Sada Release Command: She Who Is Without Equal Banaki: It's a sercert Ablilite(s): Controls all light and darkness, so there is no escape.

~Note: You can enter more than one character inthe contest, but one character per forum post. But as a hint of advice, this contest will be opened again in couple of months.

Send me any PMs with questions and concerns.

Also, do not quote any forum post it will be a waste of room and anyways if you like a character, just send them a PM and say that their character is awesome.
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24 / M / where the light i...
Posted 8/16/09 , edited 8/16/09

Character's Name:Kevin Davis

Character's Species: Shinigami

Character's Apperance: 5''7' brown eyes black hair

Character's Personality: hyper, always wants to be the first in everything, and to people he looks week but hes really strong(like ichigo's father)

Character's Power(s):Zanpakutō Tsurugi release command: shine your radiant light on this poor soul!
Bankia:Ryū Hikari Tsurugi (dragons blade of light)
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24 / F / around the world
Posted 8/16/09 , edited 8/17/09
Username: chidori_chu716

Character's Name: Masayume, Kinkyoku (Kinyo for short)

Character's Species:shinigami

Character's Apperance: short but with a large chest, fair skinned, blind in right eye (so it's white) and the other eye is dark brown/almost black, medium black hair that's straight but with curls at the end

Character's Personality: very sweet and pacifistic, loves all music (especially singing and playing the koto), loves to cook as well. She is very graceful but daydreams too much. somewhat motherly. all-around pushover.

Character's Power(s):
Zanpakutou: Komoriuta no Furin (Lullaby of the Wind Bell); Release Command: Sing your Elysion song; Bankai: Komoriuta no Shiroboshi (Lullaby of the White Star);
Abilities: combines sound with wind to create a sound meant to knock people out. When in a fight where she must fight, Kinyo uses bankai which creates a surrounding dome. She then plays Komoriuta like a koto and the sound is embodied by shuriken made of wind
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27 / M / 殻ノンら 殻ノンら 町背地味
Posted 8/18/09 , edited 8/19/09
Username: Yakatemaru
Character's name: Burakkupansa Nihyakutooka (Black Panther on the storm day)
Character Species: Espada (Rank 4)
Character's Apperance: About 6'2", pale skinned, completely blind (eyes r a pale blue colour), long light sky blue hair.
Character's Personality: Likes to b alone and snaps at anybody that causes him trouble, has a tendency to get himself into trouble as well.
Character's Power: Zanpakutou: Fubuki (Snow Storm)
Release Command: Grind Hikyuu
Bankai: Takedakeshii (Ferocious)
Abilities: Combines the freezing winds wit the white of the snow to freeze his enemies to the spot. Burakkupansa can even freeze his enemies in the air and crush them to bits wit a single swing of his sword. (Wen in released form he has almost a Human appreance, tho he has some Hollow marks on his body, there is a hole in his lower stomach)
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26 / M / United States - N...
Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/23/09
Username: Raptor-03

Character's Name: Akira

Character's Species: Shinigami

Character's Appearance: Brown Skinned, 6'3" Height, Purple Eyes *Turns Red At Night Time*, Short Red Hair.

Character's Personality: Thinks Alot - Help Fellow Shinigami - Organized - Shy - Doesn't Lose Focus in Battle.

Character's Power: Zanpakutou - Futsu Nushi No-Kami *Fire and Lightning God*

Release Command: " Burn Through The Light "

Bankai: Kagutsuchi No-Kami *Flaming Lightning* - When Kagutsuchi is Released, The Blade Would Turn Bloody Red With A Dark Purple Handle and Makes a Lightning Sound - Lightning Flashing around the Blade In a Spiral Way.

Abilities: Fire Burns The Clouds - The Sky Turns Red - Purple Lightning Flashes and Strikes The enemies at command. Akira can Create fire strikes as well, The lightning will attack even allies on its own. Akira also has a weakest - every time Akira summon such massive power, he not just loses Reiatsu, but some of his life each time as well. If he go 100% power, Akira Zanpakutou would Break Like Glass and all of Soul Society and Akira would be killed!
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23 / F / somewhere
Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/23/09
Username: Hikari2895

Character's Name: Yuki

Character's Species: Shinigami

Character's Apperance: Lighhtly tanned, 5'7" (lol she's taller than Ulquiorra. ><), long lightly borwn hair and is blind due to a battle, so her eyes are pale red.

Character's Personality: She's shy when you first meet so she may be emotionless, but when you get to meet her, she's the best friend you could ever have. (Like Kairi.) And when in battle she's dead serious, so if she says she'll wn, she will. She also has a high tolerance for acholol

Character's Power(s):

Zanpakutou (shikai) - Akane Zuki (Deep Red Moon)

Zanpakutou (bankai) - Hasn't revealed it anyone

Release Command - Shed Your Blood

Zanpakutou Abitlities - Her attacks mostly attack the inners of the body. She can make inners explode from one starch of her zanpakutou. She can even control your body movements by your blood (which the zanpakutou's name comes in.).

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22 / F / UK
Posted 8/26/09 , edited 9/6/09
Username: hitsuguya21

Character's Name:Kuroda Shinichi

Character's Species:Shinigami

Character's Apperance: fair skinned, black kinda spiky hair, grey eyes, 5'9"

Character's Personality: Calm and a lazy person however can be a determined and hard workng when needed. finds fights a bothersome thing to do. Spends most of the time sleeping and listening to music.

Character's Power(s):
Uses two zanpaktou (1.1m lengthn both)as you can see there is one kind of hidden (right one) this is great for countering attacks

Command:Come Fourth! ( "kuru Yonbanme")

Zanpaktou(Shikai): Kaze Kusari (Wind Chain+Come Fourth= Kuru Yonbanme ,Kaze Kusari!)
Two swords become cruved a bit and at the end of each sword is a chain(chain is just hidden so both swords can attach and split). so u can through the sword and pull it back.

Zanpaktou(Bankai): Akuma Kaze Kusari (Demon Wind Chain)
the sword has wind surrounding it both which can control the weather


Sword Throw: Shinichi throws one of the swords in lighting speed in 100% accuracy
Wind Devastation: the user spins one of the swords with the chain in lightning speed to cause a great amount of wind.
The final blow..: This is the most powerful attack it causes the weather to do thunderr and adds a lighning kido causing massive damage.

Negative things about abilities..(so that i'm not godding):
Sword throw: When sword the user has to put a lot of strengh so gradually the strength of the user leaks.
Wind devastation: When swinging it can hurt the muscles alot. sometimes it may even kill ur muscles...
Final Blow: Takes 3/4 of ur energy and reitsu of u so it can take up to 1 mounth to recover fully..

wow! finally finshed making charactor >.> used like 30mins looking for japanese words and ideas and pic >.>
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29 / F / at home
Posted 8/27/09 , edited 8/27/09

Character's Name: angel kuchki

Character's Species:Shinigami

Character's Apperance: 5'3, sapphier blue, royel blue/goes down to my lower back

Character's Personality: calm, stubborn, nice,very kind hearted

Character's Power(s):
Zanpakutou (shikai) - suzaku(means flower of the north
Zanpakutou (bankai) - no has ever seen my banki (Hasn't revealed it anyone)
Release Command -
spread your wing and fly thogh the heavens suzaku
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25 / M / not here
Posted 8/27/09 , edited 8/27/09

Character's Name: kasuki angel

Character's Species: Hollow

Character's Apperance: nice and mean, has orange hair, and has yellow eyes, he is 6'0"

Character's Personality: he is both stubborn, hot headed but friendly at times

Character's Power(s):
Zanpakutou: Fubuki (Snow Storm)
Soul-Body Separation( Shrieker) allows my character to extract a living spirit from his/her body.
ability's:High-Speed Regeneration it allows my character to heal any injuries very quickly.
Garganta it allows my character to tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds
revealing a tunnel of whirling.
Cero allows a highly-powerful and relatively-swift energy blast that can be fired from various body parts.
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26 / M / west philly
Posted 8/28/09 , edited 8/29/09
username: zero of the sharingan
Character's Name: Gilver sparda

Character's Species: Shinigami

Character's Appearance: Brown Skinned, 6'2" Height hazel eyes *Turns Red
&blue in bankai *, Short white Hair.

Character's Personality: Thinks Alot - Help Fellow Shinigami at times - Organized - calm - Doesn't Lose Focus in Battle,lonewolf

Character's Power: summoning swords,speed is visible to human eye

Release Command: " this is the end!!!!!! "

Bankai: yamato Lightning* - When it is Released, onceThe Blade has been swung i can transform the lightning into a thunder dragon it would be surging around me Purple lightning and Makes me even faster- Lightning Flashing around the Blade In a Spiral Way.

Abilities: summon weapons - teleport - Purple Lightning Flashes and Strikes The enemies at command. gilver can Create earthquakes if he uses all his power, regenerate himself quikckly
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28 / M / Far in the dark a...
Posted 9/1/09 , edited 9/2/09
Username: Embrode

Characters nam'e: Raziel Sepher

Characters Specie's: Shinigami

Character's Apperence: 6'2", Spiked black hair, fairly thin, pure white eyes, very pale, and has a mask on his face.

Character's Personality: Silent type, easily frustrated, active, and very serious

Character's Powers:
Zanpakutou: Zemeio (Blade of the Shadows)
Release Comand: The Unseen
Bankai: No one but his targets have seen his Bankai and they don't live to see the tale
Shadow Tie- Raziel forms into a shadow that is not visible to the bare eye.
Gateway- Can dissapear and rea apear in a split second
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29 / F / Beside my friends...
Posted 9/3/09 , edited 9/3/09
Character's Name:Hikari Sohma

Character's Species: Shinigami

Character's Appearance:She is 5'10 feet tall with sky blue eyes with long blond hair with very pritty face and slender body.

Character's Personality:She is realy sweet and lovely but can get cool at time if you make fun of Ichigo with her in the room she is in love with him.

Character's Power:She can make snow came out and rip the Hollow in hafe whil it becames very cold in the insides.

Release Command:"Snow fall"

Bankai:Yuki scatder

Abilities: Snow that lives within me came fath and get ride of this Hollow and save the sole that lives in it and bring it to a better live.
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