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How To Play

willie or millie is a game that was never ever invented before
that why PhoenixFoo // Sarah invented this
awesome fun game but it might be lame if you don't
know how to play which no one know here is the instruction

• The first person said a statement of a mystery clue and it doesnt have to be long
ex. Sally lost her favorite shoe Sherlock

• The second person list the clues to find her shoe
ex. Sally chose is size 5, it is red with polka dot

• The third person must guess if it is willie or millie or you can also you sillie if you think no one stole it
ex. I think it is _______ because ____________________________________.


Willie : He is a smart boy who always ace ever single test but never never listen to his mother since his mother hated loud music,sport,wearing shoe indoors,and computers.

Millie : She has a crush on Willie and he doesn't know it she is trying to do anything to make him notice by wearing pretty dress,shoes,jewel,bracelet,earring and even made a song for him

Sillie : This choice is the mystery clue is a fake or is it done by two of them Willie and Millie

Good Luck
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Michelle has two cute dogs but Michelle has lost one of CD and she think her dogs has did it...
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-The cd was under Michelle's homework.
-The cd is white and and has shiny letters on it.
-Her homework was near the window.
-The window was open.
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