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Posted 8/17/09 , edited 8/17/09

Unknown Aku & Shord Fight…

Friday 31/07/2009

(Hayo Castle)
(Shitoro arrived)
Kagomi – father how are you now?
Shitoro – fine, thanks Kagomi
(Shitoro put Aku on the Ground)
Kagomi – who is this boy?
Shitoro – I don’t know…..
Kagomi - !!! What do you mean father?
Shitoro – this boy is not from the earth…
Kagomi – if he is not from the earth then…
Shitoro – this is the problem I don’t know where he is originally from...
Kagomi - …
Shitoro – Kagomi from now on you have a mission
Kagomi – mission?
Shitoro – take care of Aku and don’t let any enemy see him
Kagomi – as you wish but can I know why?
Shitoro – Long time ago your uncle Chitoro told me he found a new friend called Aku and he gave me some details about him, and this boy have it…. if he is really that Aku, then he has the same destiny as us…
Kagomi - !!!......
(In Midoriiro City, Hotel)
(Ironoside came and went toward Ayoma’s Room)
(Ironoside ringed Ayoma’s Door & Ayoma opened the door)
Ayoma – oh Ironoside it’s you where you left today?
Ironoside – hmmm just finishing some work
Ayoma – huh.. hmm come in come
(Ironoside came in and Dani was near so he wanted to enter too)
Ayoma – you?
Dani – yes…it’s me Prince Dani
Ayoma – hmmm I don’t remember sorry
(Ayoma Closed the Door)
Dani – huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why he can enter and I am not…
(Inside Ayoma’s room)
Ironoside – take this
Ayoma – and what is this?
Ironoside – my debts will be clear with this
Ayoma – huh? But how?
Ironoside – I told you I had little work
Ayoma – does this work was about finding a treasure?
(Ironoside remembering)
…Aku – Aku…
(Back to real time)
Ironoside – maybe
(Ironoside Smiled)
Ironoside – by the way your battle….
Ayoma – we won….
Ironoside –oh I see, so are you ready for tomorrow?
Ayoma – ….
Ironoside – hey it’s just a fight. I will take my leave now
Ayoma – ok
(Ironoside left the room and Dani take that chance to came in)
Ayoma – youuuuuuuuu…
Dani – hey hey come down one minute….
Ayoma – hmmm so?
Dani – tomorrow I am going to use my full power
Ayoma -!!!
Dani – I know we get along with Ironoside but don’t forget what my mission was
Ayoma - … I know
Dani – Tomorrow what ever happen don’t interfere with our fight…
Ayoma – are you really going to be an enemy for him?
(Dani remembering someone in his mind said “…maybe being his enemy is better”…)
Dani – I know this mission is hard but I promised to handle it
Ayoma - …
Dani – I accept it with my determination so I will not regret it
Ayoma – you are right
Dani – yes as prince I am always right
(Two hit from Ayoma to Dani’s head then she kicked him out)
(Next day Morning)
(Ironoside wakes up earlier and he goes toward Tournament place alone)
(Ironoside see Shino [Ren] in Tournament place)
Ironoside – from how long you are here?
Shino – not a long time… so are you ready?
Ironoside – yes…
Shino – I saw our opponent they are Dani and Ayoma…
Ironoside – that’s right they were so kind to me, but as their and my wish wish I will no be nice with them
Shino – yes, you are right
Ironoside – Ren today you face Ayoma and I will face Dani
Shino – ok
Ironoside –
(Kora and Otara comes)
Ironoside - !!!
Kora – so are you two ready for the final?
Otara – they must be ready right?
Ironoside & Shino – yeah…..
Shino – you won’t say anything sis?
Otara – I don’t think you need any advice
(Shino & Otara they both smiled at each other)
Kora – hey Ironoside your opponent they…
Ironoside – no need to tell me….
Kora - !!!
Ironoside - I think you want to give me some information about Ayoma & Dani
Kora – …
Ironoside – but I don’t want to know anything about them if I wanted that I was going to watch their battle in tournament
Kora – as you wish… but at least let me tell you this, yesterday Shord and Fitan defeated by that boy Dani
Ironoside - !!!
Kora – yesterday in less than one minute Dani Alone defeat those two
Ironoside - …{Shord and Fitan?... less than one minute?...}……………………………………………………….

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter33

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 8/17/09 , edited 8/17/09
Shitoro – this is the problem I don’t know where he is originally from~~> wow he don't lol i thought he have all the asnwers lol
any way i liked this ..they are qouts XD

Dani – yes…it’s me Prince Dani
Ayoma – hmmm I don’t remember sorry
(Ayoma Closed the Door)
Dani – huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why he can enter and I am not…
Dani – yes as prince I am always right

does that sound an ego boy or my imagaination starts to trick me
Less then one minuteeeeeee!!! Sogiiiiiiiiii..ano I think am going to support Dani sounds strong bye bye ironoside < kidding ..any way waiting for the next chapter hope it will come out soon

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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/11/10
wow another chapter i should say this one is good than the last chapter and thank god no aku aku or i'd feel like hitting someone *looks at the writer*

i think i will cheer both of the sides , i cant choose who is the best :sweatingbullets:

on second thought i choose dani & ayoma hahahha i cheerd u enough old ironoside u got ur glorious now its time 4 dani 2 show us his real power GO GO DANI & AYOMA
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