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Itachi and Sasuke cross weapons and move to counter the other's moves. Itachi throws an off balance Sasuke across the room and the younger Uchiha forms Chidori. He runs towards Itachi but then slams his fist into the ground, sending Chidori Nagashi current through the floor. Itachi jumps to avoid the attack but is suddenly run through by an airborne Sasuke. Sasuke pins him to the ground with his Kusanagi sword and Itachi acknowledges his growth. Sasuke states that when this is all over, he has a question for his brother. Itachi raises his hand to point to another Itachi still reclining in the chair. The pinned Itachi disperses into crows. The reclining Itachi inquires what Sasuke wishes to ask and states he can ask now even before its over. Sasuke says no, he'll say it again... and suddenly the reclining Itachi is stabbed through the back of the chair by another Sasuke. A shocked Itachi recognizes he was speaking to a Genjutsu. Sasuke retorts again that he'll ask the question when the battle with his bastard of a brother is over...

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