Post Reply Do Ulzzang Guys/Males Interest you?
Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/19/09
EHHHH?? U probably thinken WTF. Am i right?

Umm..wat i'm sayen is if an ulzzang guy came up 2 u & ask u 4 ur info & mayb asked u out. Wud u date em or thinken he's a jerk or watever?

IF i have some ulzzang guy that came up 2 me, i wud faint & not able 2 talk properly. Hehehe
Actually i'm wit all guys. But if they want 2 b friends then it's kool. It's not soo awkward.

So, what do u think?
PS: If u gurls don't noe wat's an ulzzang is 4 guys, basically the looks. Some of em already have ex or girlfriends.
Well, here r some:

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