G-Dragon's new album & hairstyle

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Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/19/09
Edit: I think this is a duplicate, please delete.

Has anyone heard of G-dragon from Big Bang? I bet a lot have.
BUT did anyone hear about his new album AND hair color? I bet a few have.


Released date: G-dragon's birthday! [2009.08.18]
Happy birthday G-D! (I know I'm so late XD)

Full tracklist:

01. 소년이여 (Boy)
02. Heartbreaker
03. Breathe
04. Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)
05. Hello (Feat. 2NE1 Dara)
06. Gossip Man (Feat. 김건모 Kim GunMo)
07. Korean Dream (Feat. TaeYang)
08. The Leaders (Feat. Teddy, 2NE1 CL)
09. Shes Gone (Feat. KUSH)
10. 1년 정거장

I don't know what to say with his new hairstyle.. it's somehow surprising.

It was suppose to be out during April, but it got suspened for some reason.. Well we know this album's gonna be awesome since it's by G-Dragon, Big Bang's leader. What do you expect? The song 'Heartbreaker' is already stuck in my head. :]

His music style is somehow also surprising. Though it the beat sounds as if it's from American songs.
Though the lyrics are pretty creative I guess. Especially in the song The Leaders when G-dragon whispers "G, G, G-D baby baby" I bet a lot of you know what song this was from. "Gee gee gee Gee baby baby" (Girl's Generation, "Gee") Haha. The song somehow reminded me of the song "Cyclone" by T-Pain feat. Baby Bash in a way or two. Though the songs in the album aren't really my type of music genre I'm trying to listen to it 'cause I know G-Dragon's gonna make it cool. If that's what kid's these days call it.

He teamed up with some awesome peeps from YG too. Like Jin Jung, Teddy 2NE1's CL, KUSH, 2NE1's Dara.

I know I would buy the album. ;] You should too!

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Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/20/09
its Ok, i really like "the leaders" and "gossip man" and the video for heartbreaker was too good for my eyes O___O
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Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/20/09
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