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Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/20/09

Raymond Lam's "Let's Get Wet Concert CD + DVD" has reached platinum sales (30,000 copies sold). The night before, EEG held a 6 table, fish maw feast celebration. Ng Yue, Mani Fok and Virigina Lok all came to celebrate with Raymond. Raymond said in high-spirit: "I saw a million dollar car that I really like. I may get it to award myself, but I have to see if there is a discount first. (A car to court girls?) I have never used this method. I'm looking for a 4 seater."

Asked if the concert DVD sales reaches triple platinum (90,000 copies) will he throw a T-back party to celebrate? Raymond's mouth changed to an "O" shaped, showing shock. EEG executive laughed and helped him explain: "Have no fear. When the sales reaches 80,000 copies, we will still throw one!" Raymond laughed: "Oh I'm not afraid, I will immediately agree to it. (Who do you want to see wear a T-back?) My concert guests Michael Tse and Wong Cho Lam. (How about girls?) I never seen.... any of them in one. Don't talk about it anymore, the more is said the more is wrong."


HAHAHAH , Michael Tse & WongChoLam in a T-back .
congraats RAYMOND ! <3
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