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What race is the most racist in the world?
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What race is the most racist in the world?

As for me I am judging from personal experience.
Wen I was younger I moved from Germany to Louisiana in America. (my father was military so I got to travel a hole lot.)
Well wile there I was living in a mostly black area. It seem every day I get 10 to 20 death threats, and racist remarks just because I was white. I have also lived in Japan in a mostly Japanese area... But I did not have that happen to me over there. Native Americans I got to know in a town in NY... love to get drunk and pick fights but they don't target race they just pick fights with who ever is in charge the law.... So from what I have seen in the last 29 years of my life, the most Racist people I have met is the Black Americans. Now this might seem racist to a few people but this is just from my own experience. Comparing them to all the other people from around the world that I have met.
'I also made good friends with a huge family of Chinese, at that Made life more easy wen I was living in the mostly all back area, because it gave me someone to hang out with, and Hell they even let me Have hand to hand training for free, being that me and there son had each others backs in are school.
Posted 8/20/09 , edited 8/20/09
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