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Posted 8/20/09 , edited 2/13/10
Hey there everyone!

Tailed Fox Live needs your help...

Want to help us?

Post ideas for the next cosplay episode on this forum (you can make a video and send us a link if you want), it would be great to get other people's ideas, you never know, you might have your idea on the next episode,(We WILL give you credit in the credits at the end of the episode, or maybe even the opening credits).
We want to hear what is funny to you.
We like to have funny episodes,laughter is good!
So anyway just post your ideas on this forum, here are the characters(more may become available as we make more costumes from different animes) you can use:

The different colours indicate the characters that one person plays, eg all the characters in red are played by one person, all the characters in blue are played by another person etc...

Sakura Haruno (Naruto)
Naruto (Naruto)
Edward Elric (FullMetal Alchemist)
Italy (Axis Powers Hetaila)
Ritsuka (Loveless)

Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)
Soubi (Loveless)
Vampire Bella (Twilight Series: Breaking Dawn)
Mori/Takashi (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

Shikamaru Naara (Naruto)

Kakashi Sensei (Naruto)

Honey Senpai/Mitskuni (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

Yamcha (Dragonball)

Zammy Mage (Runescape)


Good luck!

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Posted 8/23/09 , edited 8/24/09
Cosplay episode idea #1

Feel free to add things onto it and comment on it

Glen- Zammy mage (special guest)
Cassie: Vampire Bella (Breaking dawn)
Mary- Edward Elric ~ Movie character

Ed: “If your happy and you know it clap your hands” *clap, clap*
“Whoops” –Zammy appears-
“If your happy and you know it clap your hands!' * Clap *
“Uh?” –Bella appears-
“If your happy and you know it and you really wanna show it, if your happy and you know it clap your hands” * All clap* -Zammy and Bella disappear- O_o’
“And you do the hokey pokey and you turn around, and that’s what its all about” *clap, clap * -Bella and Zammy appear again-

All: ‘You put your left leg in, you take your left leg out and you shake it all about, you do the hokey pokey and you turn around and that’s what it’s all about!’ –Ed goes to clap-

Zammy & Bella: ‘DON’T CLAP!’

Ed: * Claps* - They all disappear-
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Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/26/09
Idea #2

The DO'S and DON'TS of being a ninja.

Stab yourself in the leg, IT HURTS
"Accidentally" touch Sakura in innapropriate places, IT ALSO HURTS
Get in contact with Orochimaru, he will take you in a box and try and steal your body...WHICH ALSO HURTS
Try to get Kakashi's bells, he'll randomly throw kunai at you while reading his "adult fiction"

Follow all instructions....

If anyone else has any other ideas, feel free to add some
Posted 10/2/09 , edited 10/3/09
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Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/4/09

“Here is one of the best Ideas I came up with :
Naruto and Sasuke having a dance off. ( Ya could take turns , so like if Sasuke dances music should go with it . He dances for about 15 seconds and than Naruto cuts Sasuke off and starts dancing. Naruto should have music too. Than Sasuke cuts Naruto and starts dancing but different song and the same for Naruto. Ya both get 15 secs each turn. Ya do it for about 5-6 times and thanSasuke gives up !
Sasuke gives up and passes out on the floor and Naruto goes to Sasuke and looks at him and smiles and Naruto goes like " Looks like I'm a better dancer than u Sasuke , Believe IT ! Naruto starts dancing for 25 seconds .... ( really retarted ) ... ( add a retarted / funny song to it ) ... while Naruto is dancing Sasuke grabs a kunai from his pocket and throws it at Naruto. Naruto gets knocked out and falls on the floor.
Sasuke gets up and goes to Naruto and kicks him to see if he gets up. He doesnt. Sasuke walks away but at the same time saying " Hmph ... Naruto you loser " .... and thats about it for my idea . I hope u liked it and can use it. This would b one funny episode ! I will love to see it ! :)

I also thought of L popping out of no where saying " BANG " to Sasuke and Naruto .... lol ! XD That cant happen though”
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Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/4/09
This is a song, could be something like an RLAMV like we have done in the past but, this is so old, We FORGOT ABOUT IT!
Sasuke’s Emo Song

Dear Diary, Mood: Apathetic
My life is spiraling downward
I couldn’t get enough money to go to the Blood Red romance and suffocate me dry concert
It sucks because they play some of my favorite songs like, Stab My Heart because I Love You and Rip Apart My Soul and of course Stabby, Rip, Stab, Stab
And it doesn’t help that I couldn’t get my hair to flippy thing either, like that guy from that band could do. Somedays.
He’s an emo kid, non-conforming as can be you’d be non-conforming to if you looked just like him
he has paint on his nails and makeup on his face
he’s almost emo enough to start shaving his legs, cause he feels real deep when he’s dressing in drag he calls it freedom of expression, most ninjas call him a fag
Cause sasuke looks like chicks and chicks look like sasuke
Cause sasuke is one step below tranvestite
Stop his breathing and slit his throat
Sasuke’s emo
he doesn’t jump around when he goes to shows
Sasuke’s emo
He’s dark, and sensitive with low self esteem
The way he dresses makes everyday feel like Halloween
he has no real parents but he likes to make believe
he stole gaara’s mascara and now he’s grounded for a week
avenging and writing poetry are his hobbies
he can’t get through his family photo album without sobbing
naruto keeps breaking up with him
It’s never any fun he says he already has a kunai
he doesn’t need another one
Stop his breathing and slit his throat
Sasuke’s emo
he donesn’t jump around when he goes to shows
Sasuke’s emo
Dye in his hair nail polish on his toes
Sasuke’s emo
he plays guitar and write suicide notes
Sasuke’s emo
My life is just a black jutsu
You know? It’s so dark
And its suffocating me
Grabbing a hold of me and tightening its grip
Tighter than a pair of orochimarus snakeskin pants.
Which look great on me, by the way

When he get depressed he cuts his wrists in every direction
when naruto walks past give him an erection
he writes in a live journal and wears a thick headband
he tells his friends he bleeds black and crys during classes
hes just a bad, cheap, imitation of goth
You could read him in a justu scroll and watch him jack-off
he wears skin tight clothes while hating his life
If he said he likes girls he’d only be half right
he looks like he’s dead and dresses like a homo
Sasuke’s emo
Screw XBOX he plays old school Nintendo
Sasuke’s emo
he likes to whine and hit his fellow team mates
Sasuke’s emo
he and his friends all look like clones
Sasuke’s emo
My team mates don’t get me , you know?
They think I’m gay because they saw me kiss a guy ,well, a couple of guys
But I mean, it's the 2000's, can’t two, or four dudes make out with each other without being gay?
I mean chicks dig that kind of thing anyways
I don’t know diary, sometimes I think you’re the only one on that gets me, You’re my best friend, I feel like tacos.

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Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/4/09
Sasuke is on the computer.
Naruto comes up to Sasuke at the computer.
'Hey Sasuke what's that?' -Points at the screen.-
'What happens when i do this?' -presses a key-
'Oi! Stop IT!' -pushes Naruto away-
'Okay Sasuke...' -waits 10 seconds- -presses buttons on the keyboard again-
'Stop it Naruto!' -Shoves Naruto-
'okay' -presses backspace and then enter-
'STOP! Im TRYING to log into Crunchyroll!'
'Oh i See' -presses a bunch of number on the numberpad-
So on an so forth....

This was a true story....
Cassie was trying to do something on the computer and Mary kept on pressing buttons, oh how annoying it was....Cassie then accidently poked Mary in the eye while telling her not to look at her password. Truely funny...

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Posted 10/6/09 , edited 10/6/09
A parody of Queen's bohemian rapsody

Everyone except Sasuke
Is this the real life
Is this just fantasy
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
Open your sharingan
Look up to the skies and see-
Im just an emo boy,i need no sympathy-
Because Im
easy come,easy go,
little high,little low,
Anyway the chidori goes,
doesnt really matter to him,
To me

(Sasuke’s parents are thrown on stage with Itachi slowly creaping in And kills them behind Sasuke.)

Itachi,just killed my family,
Put a kuni against their heads,
throw it to them now they’re dead,
Itachi, my life just begun,
But now Ive gone and thrown it all away-
Itachi ooo,
Now I’ve sworn to avenge my clan
I don’t really care if you’re inersent I’ll kill you anyway
I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you and then I’ll restore my clan, with Naruto

Sasuke: That’s it, I’m going to leave the village and avenge my clan and kill Itachi. That is my only goal in life.
Naruto: I thought I was your only goal?
Sakura: You can’t leave Sasuke! I won’t let you! Please don’t go!

Too late,my time has come,
I have to leave the village right now
So I can gain power and kill Itachi
Goodbye everybody-Ive got to go-
Gotta leave you all behind and face my brother
Itachi ooo-
Everyone except Sasuke
(anyway the chidori goes)
I dont want to die,
I sometimes wish Id never looked into his eyes!

Orochimaru: Come Sasuke. I’ll give you power if you come with me.
Sasuke: What will I have to do in return.
Orochimaru: Oh you know… Just give me your body…
Sasuke: What?
Orochimaru: Oh, you don’t have to worry about that now. At least in 3 you don’t…Quick, let us leave this place and give you power.
(Starts to walk away off stage)
Naruto, Sakura: Wait!
Naruto: Don’t leave withthat jerk!
Sakura: Don’t leave Sasuke! (grabs on Sasuke’s arm.)
(Orochimaru grabs his other arm)
Orochimaru: Come Sasuke, we must leave now!
Sakura: No he’s satying here!
Orochimaru: Come Sasuke! Come to me now!
(Naruto grabs Sakura’s waste and helps Sakura pull.)
Naruto: You’re coming with us Sasuke!
(Sasuke pulls away and stands by himself)
Everyone: Sasuke?

I see a little silhouetto of an emo boy
Everyone except Sasuke
Scaramouche ,scaramouche Saske can you do the ninja dance
Thunderbolt and lightning-very very frightening me-
Naruto :
Im just a emo boy and everybody loves me
Everyone except Sasuke and Orochimaru
Hes just an emo boy from a dead family-
Spare him his life from this monstrosity-
Easy come easy go-,will you let me go-
Naruto and Sakura:
Sa Su Ka no-,we will not let you go-
let him go-
Sa Su Ka we will not let you go-
Naruto and Sakura:
let him go
Sa Su Ka we will not let you go-
let me go
Will not let you go-
let me go
Naruto and Sakura:
Will not let you go
let me go
Everyone except Sasuke:
Everyone, everyone,
everyone let me go-
Tobi has a biju put aside for me,for me,for me-

So you think you can stop me and leave this behind
So you think you can love me and ltake my body
Oh baby-cant do this to me baby-
Just gotta leave now, just gotta get right out of here

Nothing really matters,
Anyone can see,
Nothing really matters-,nothing really matters to me,

Everyone except Sasuke:
Any way the chidori goes

Posted 11/3/09 , edited 11/3/09
Holy crap~~!! >< I totally forgot about these!! xD love the queen song and the emo one oh and everything else xD~~!
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Posted 2/12/10 , edited 2/13/10
Haha yeah, they're old alright, we gotta do em!
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