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Posted 8/21/09 , edited 8/21/09

Just Ironoside VS Dani !!!

Friday 07/08/2009

Otara and Kora – we will leave you both alone now
(Otara and Kora left)
Shino – what is it Ironoside
(Ironoside remembering)
…Kora –… but at least let me tell you this, yesterday Shord and Fitan defeated by that boy Dani
…Ironoside - !!!
…Kora – yesterday in less than one minute Dani Alone defeat those two
…Ironoside - …{Shord and Fitan?... less than one minute?...}
(Back to real time)
Ironoside – ..{As I expected…Dani….}
Shino – by the way Ironoside yesterday my sis told me I am in Level 2
Ironoside – really?
Shino – yes she said my strength is enough to called Lv2
Ironoside – I believe that as well, you did well last time. Congratulation of becoming Princess of Wood then.
Shino – thanks…
(In hotel)
Ayoma – I don’t see Ironoside around..
Dani – he left early today
Ayoma – oh…. So what are you waiting for it now?
Dani – listen Ayoma make yourself and Shino out of our battle ok
Ayoma – you mean…
Dani – yes….
Ayoma – ok then….
(They left the hotel)
(In front of the Gate in Tournament Place)
Shino – where are Dani and Ayoma? The fight will start soon?
Ironoside - …
(Gate starts to be open)
(Ayoma and Dani arrived)
Ayoma – sorry for late it was all because this idiot
(Ayoma hit Dani)
Dani – huh you were slow too…
Shino – it’s alright let’s move
Ayoma – yeah
(They all went toward Fighting Circuit)
(VIP Part)
Onas – hahahahah who thought my little girl will come this far
Shano – …
Otara – what do you think about their opponent Kora?
Kora – very strong … that boy Dani I believe I don’t’ have a chance to stand against him…
Otara – Kora you….
Fira – {Dani….}
(Fira remembering)
...Dani –you just need to be ready because as he told me you have a long big journey Saiku Tera.
...Fira - !!!
...Dani - Now I will take my leave our next meeting is after Tournament finish…
(Back to real time)
Fira - …
(At fighting Circuit)
Dani – so Ironoside are you ready for the final battle?
Ironoside – yes I am ready, you?
Dani – same here…
Storm – {hmmm I think I don’t need to ask are you ready or not}
(Storm starts to fly)
(Two Ironoside swords start to fly and other two were in Ironoside’s hands)
(From Dani’s hand Electricity starts to move…)
Storm – fight………………………….
(Ironoside wants to attack Dani)
Ayoma– wait Ironoside….
Ironoside - !!!!
Ayoma – you know we have an idea
Shino – what is it?
Ayoma – the idea is very simple Ironoside and Dani will fight, while you and me waiting for their result, in another word we won’t interfere in their fight
Shino - ...
Ayoma - if Ironoside won means your team is the winner and if Dani won means we are the winner so?
Ironoside – it’s a perfect idea right Ren?
Shino – if you say perfect then it’s ok with me too
Ayoma – then deal… so come lets go sit together and see those two’s fight
Shino – ok
(They went together and they sit in the corner)
All People – wow do your best Ironoside make our Princess win….
(VIP Part)
Onas – oh new idea…
Shano– girls are safe now
Otara - …
Kora –{Princess Shino trust Ironoside…}
(In the sky)
Storm - {just Ironoside Vs Dani…it will be interesting fight….}
(In Hayo’s castle)
Kagomi – isn’t early for those two to fight?
Ironoside – why?
Kagomi – I scare Ironoside have to use his Darkness Power if he wants to defeat Dani and if that happened hmm….
Shitoro – Ironoside is not guy that Use Darkness power against his friend…
Kagomi – if you say that then I am sure he won’t….
Shitoro – and also don’t forget Ironoside power…
(At Fighting Circuit)
Ironoside – so?
(Dani hit two thunder bolts on his two sides and he seriously look at Ironoside)
Dani – let the battle Start……………………………………………………………………

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter34

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 8/21/09 , edited 8/21/09
Ohayyyyyyo mina ^-^ ......
yah the chapter came out ...yooooooopi

All People – wow do your best Ironoside make our Princess win….
aaaa i don't like those ppl .so ironoside plaz use ur darkness to vanish them ......... but come on they show to say princess..princess princess...huh where the other gone ..cheer them 2

any way greattttttt chapter .....i guess the real fight will be on the next chapter ..........soper exciting for it
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Posted 8/21/09 , edited 8/22/09
whooo! i feel the intenseness! can't wait til Chpt. 35! =)
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/11/10
is it possible 2 let the two girls leave without fighting??! this is the first time i hear of that ... not fair i wanted them 2 fight and see which one of them is strong i guess this would be forgetten 4 now

camon dani this 'd be the last time i cheer u boy so do ur best and finish off that old man
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