Ulzzang Wannabees Make-Up Tips??

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Posted 8/21/09 , edited 8/21/09
Let's begin by anwering this question.
I noe that most of u have seen ulzzang on the internet, that has those big round eyes. Kinda like anime characters or celebrity eyes. & nice/perfect skin tone..etc etc etc
& saying 2 urself "HOW DID THEY GET ALL THOSE STUFF IN PICS?" am i right???

Anyways..i say that question too. But off cource i don't have the perfect skin tone nor wat korean prefer as "The Best Face"

This is wat normal ulzzang should use:
1. Shimmer = It makes ur lower part of ur eye more bigger than ur normal eye.

2. Liquid eyeliner =

3. Lip Gloss =

4. Contact Lenses =

5. Fake Eye Lashes =

6. Foundation Cream =

T I P S:
01. Never eVER get big circle lenses, other than the ones that fits ur pupils.
02. Use Eyelid tape rather than the Eyelid glue
03. Use Lightweighted products
04. Don't put too much Foundation...Just treat it like ur putting night cream or cream that make ur pimples go away.
05. Don't Use 2 much eyeliner

Girls out there should understand that not all ulzzang look that pretty in real life or have a good luxorious life like we do. But if some of u wanna do this urself, please don't think of urself higher than others. If ur dream or is 2 become a celeb, then this is the place.

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Heyyyyyyyy guys...here r some new & kool inexpensive makeup 4 the eyes.
I just found out that this website is really nice cuz it's own by a fem gurl.

For those of u who hated the eyelid glue, here's a cheap but also nice way 2 see wat u look like if u have single eyelids.
Wen i wake up in the morning sometimes i have single & sometimes r double. But this happens only in 1 eye not both eyes.

I recommend every1 2 try this tools out. Just 4 fun or at home.
click below>3
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Hi guys, the thing bout this is i've already putted on Ulzzang Luvers profile & it kinda didn't help much 4 ppl. & also it was too much stuff on the profile so that's y i putted on here for u guys 2 remember & have at least wat 2 put on 4 the ulzzang look.

Here r makeup steps u'll need 4 ulzzang look:
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Topic: Latest bob hairstyle

There are numerous Asian hairstyles with a range of patterns & haircuts. Asian girls love sporting the bob hairstyle look and are very fond of it. This hairstyle really suits them and enhances their beauty. The short bobhairstyles help the Asian girls look really sweet and fashionable. The bob hairstyle with colored hair and the long wavy haircut are the two hairstyles which are set to rule in the year 2009.

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Top short hairstyle for girls

These days, Asian hair is increasingly in the spotlight with many Asian and Asian-American celebrities gracing the covers of fashion and film magazines. Black hair makes a dramatic statement, especially on women with Asian skin type. Sometimes, a good cut and style is all it takes to make Asian hair look simply dazzling. But for those who seek a little boost, color can provide a rejuvenating change of pace.

Another style suitable for Asian hair is double sided coloring. The underside of the hair is dyed a dark brown shade and a lighter hue is added to the top layers. As the hair moves, the colors play against each other in a shimmering effect. With this type of color treatment, you can create a whole new look just by styling the hair in an up do.

Gorgeous & flirty long hair
as we know long hairstyle is considered anything that is longer than your shoulder blades. These styles include razor cutting and slicing to create layers, flips and wavy textures that make this look flirty.

PS: If u guys don't no wat bob hairstyle is just google it & see 4 urself.

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