Wonder King Online
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Posted 8/21/09 , edited 8/21/09
Hey guys, anyone bored of Maple Story or La Tale or other MMO games? Well, I have Founded newly, freshly, and splendidly online game called Wonder King!!!

website? :http://wonderking.ndoorsgames.com/center/default.asp
wonderking's CBT 1 was started around July 15, 2009
and Wonderking's CBT 2 started in :August 18,2009
if any of yall wanted CBT 2 keys, here :http://wonderking.ndoorsgames.com/center/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=9218&posts=1&start=1

4 basic classes: swordsman , thief, mage, and scout

each basic classes can choose 1 out of 2 from their 1st job advancement

thief can be ninja or rouge for 1st job advancement

swordsman can be warrior or knight for 1st job advancement

mage can be wizard or priest for 1st job advancement

and scout can be archer or gunner for 1st job advancement

for job classes information visit wonderking's official pls ^^

also Wonder King feature with PvP arena, wonder gate, Guild, Craft and Cooking and various kind of quests!
and whats wonder gate?

wonder gate is a bonus map where player can go in and kill alll boxes for finest and rarest items and holy sets. Wonder Gate are dropped from every monsters.
wonder gate might be appeared in RANDOM chances if he/she grind in 1 place. The longer your grind in 1 place, the chances that Golden Door will appear.
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Posted 9/6/09 , edited 9/6/09
it's about time someone posted this game here.

truth be told, even it if it a "knock off" off Maple to some people, i say it's an upgrade of Maple. i really like it.

lvl 45 warrior IGN: razerlazer
lvl 35 gunner IGN: Beetleguise

there are thing that WonderKing has that Maple doesn't. for example, you can double jump, and dash. the characters are faster and you don't need to go right next to a ledge and jump just to progess to the next map. the animations look better than Maples, like Helo345 says, there are Wonder Gates where you can get rare items. the skills looks cool and even sound cool.

though the bad thing is, it's still in closed beta AND in cooldown right now. overall, i say it's better than maple. don't get me wrong now, Maple's good too, i just like WonderKing more.
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Posted 9/6/09 , edited 9/6/09
I was going to play until I found out it was a side scroller platformer, I hate those kinds of games
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30 / F
Posted 9/7/09 , edited 9/8/09
It could've been cool if they somehow changed the controls. It's kind of a hassle to use both the mouse and keyboard with just one hand.
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Posted 10/17/09 , edited 10/17/09
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Posted 1/27/10 , edited 1/27/10
hey when i start the game, it says "createdevice failed" what should i do? anyone please help:( tnx a lot:(
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Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/30/10
lol i plyed it and its relli similar to maple i dont like it
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Posted 3/3/10 , edited 3/3/10
I played this during Closed Beta (I think the 3rd one, quit before open beta came out). I was a 79 Knight, didnt feel like hitting 80 for paladin
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25 / Chicagoland area
Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/29/10
I definitely like Wonder king a lot more then Maple Story. Maple story one wrong placed skill point screwed you completely. It was way to touchy for my liking.
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Posted 4/11/10 , edited 4/12/10
I played enough of maple xP
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Posted 4/30/10 , edited 4/30/10
WK is different from maple ill say lolz ^^ but still side scrolling
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Posted 7/24/10 , edited 7/24/10
wonderking destroys maplestory all together..even tho maplestory got so many updates and expansions and classes and such..just give wonderking sometime to fully develop and it will be way better the maplestory..not just that i say its already better then maplestory XD
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Posted 10/13/11 , edited 10/14/11
WonderKing is an update to Maplestory in my eyes.
I really can't even touch Maple now that I've played WK for so long.
They do have their differences though.

Overall; I enjoy both for completely separate reasons.
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