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The Kingdom of Azadistan is a developing constitutional monarchy in the Middle East. The country is located between Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf, i.e. covers all the territory of modern Iran. The country's name may be a reference to a short-lived government in Tabriz, Persia, which was called Azadistan in 1920.

Several years before A.D. 2301, Azadistan prospered and was economically stable until fossil fuels were superseded by the advent of solar energy. To add complications, heavy taxation was imposed on the trade of fossil fuels, rendering them completely useless to the free trade market. The nation has since experienced economic collapse, and the Middle East overall became a warzone.

Azadistan's economic crisis along with neighboring Middle Eastern countries drove them into war. Middle Eastern countries began aggressive campaigns in attempts to stabilize their failing nations. Azadistan opted to war with the Republic of Krugis in their attempts to benefit/improve their ailing nation. The Republic of Krugis was defeated around the year A.D.2301 and assimilated into Azadistan's territory.

The assimilation of neighboring countries only added more complications to Azadistan's stability. Their attempts to increase their political influence only created civil unrest as their campaign influenced the creation of the KPSA, Kurdish jihadists. Child guerrillas were used to combat Azadistan's mobile suits. Negotiations went in between resistance and eventually people of the Republic of Krugis were given citizenship of Azadistan.
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