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Before the creation of the United Earth Sphere Alliance, the Sanc Kingdom existed in Northern Europe, possibly along the coast of the Baltic Sea. The kingdom had been under the peaceful rule of the Peacecraft Dynasty for many years. The one of the most beloved of the Peacecraft monarchs was King Peacecraft, the last reigning monarch before the creation of the Alliance. Under his rule, the Sanc Kingdom cultivated a peaceful diplomatic and economic friendship with the Colonies through their political representative Heero Yuy. Both men became good friends in an era of tension between Earth and the Colonies. Both were also advocating pacifism in an world that was becoming more militaristic. Seemingly in rapid succession, Heero Yuy was assassinated and the Sanc Kingdom was invaded and conquered. King Peacecraft's two children, Relena and Milliardo, were sent into hiding. Soon after the United Earth Sphere Alliance was created and an increasingly militaristic stance was taken against the Colonies.
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