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Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/22/09

Dani's Electricity Spears & New Strategy

Friday 14/08/2009

(Dani attacks Ironoside with Two thunder’s bolts and Ironoside blocks them with those two Swords that was on the in sky)
Dani – oh come on…
(Then Ironoside fast goes near Dani and attacks Dani with those two swords in his hands)
Ironoside – concentrate on fight..
(Dani jumps toward the sky and reply fast by attacking Ironoside with another thunder bolt)
(The two swords that were in the sky come above Ironoside and starts to turn around themselves)
Dani – {he controls and moves those swords very fast…}
(The Thunder bolt Attack blocked by those two swords)
(Dani reach the ground)
Dani – with your power you can attack and defense in the same time….
Ironoside – your attack and attack’s avoiding is perfect too
Dani – oh really? Thanks…
Ironoside – Your welcome, Sword-3 attack
(One of the Swords goes toward Dani; it seems one of ironoside’s swords in the Sky “Sword-3” )
Dani – my bad…
(Dani avoids the attack)
Ironoside – Sword-4 now…
(Second Ironoside’s Sword “Sword-4” that was in Sky moves toward Dani )
Dani – Electronic Spear…
(A spear of Electronic is creating in Dani’s hand)
Ironoside - !!!
(The Spear Blocks Sowrd-4’s Attack)
Ironoside – where did you hide that Spear…
Dani – oh this it was here all the time
Ironoside – oh I see..
All People – Wohoooooo great keep going…
(In VIP Part)
Onas – Electronic Spear?
Otara – I can create wood spear too
Shano – yes, but that is electronic’s spear means Ironoside must just attack it with those two swords in the Sky
Kora – because if he attacks with those swords in his hand the electronic will shock him right Shano-sama?
Shano – exactly…
Otara - …
(At the Corner of Fighting Circuit)
Shino – oh I hope Ironoside won’t get hurt by that
Ayoma –it’s a fight and Ironoside will get hurt but don’t worry he won’t die…
Shino – I know but…
Ayoma – {I wish this fight over fast…}
(At the center of fighting circuit)
Dani – from the first meeting I know it one day we will face each other
Ironoside – I was waiting for it too
Dani – then we where the same…
Ironoside - …
Dani – Thunder Bolt…
(Ironoside Block the attack with Sword-3 and Sword 4)
(but in no time Dani show up behind Ironoside and attacks him with electronic swords)
(Ironoside Blocks his spear with Sword-1; Sword-1 is the Sword in Ironoside’s right hand)
(Electronic shocked Ironoside because his sword touch Electronic Spear)
Ironoside – ahhhhhh
(Ironoside attacks Dani with Sword-2; the sword in Ironoside’s left hand)
(Dani jumps back to avoid Sword-2 attack)
Ironoside – he he he he….
Dani – if I give you one more shock you will loss..
Ironoside - …{now I know I can’t touch that Spear …. I must stop that by Sword-3 & Sword-4}
Dani – so are you ready for that attack again?
Ironoside – {oh no, if I used Sword-3 & Sword-4 to stop his Thunder Bolt now, means I can’t defense myself in front of Electronic Spear …}
Dani – give up Ironoside….Thunder Bolt…
(Dani attacks with Thunder Bolt)
Ironoside – {…!!! Yeas that’s it…}
(Ironoside uses Sword-3 and Sword-4 to stop Thunder Bolt)
Dani – {hmmm same..}
(Again Dani Show up behind Ironoside and attacks Ironoside with Electronic Spear)
Dani – Ironoside this is the end…
(Ironoside block Dani’s Spear attack with Sword-1 then fast he attacked Dani with Sword-2)
Ironoside – don’t get cocky …
(Ironoside Sword-2 cased a scratch on Dani’s arm…and Dani pull himself back)
Dani - !!!
Ironoside – your attack won’t work twice
(In the Sky)
Storm – {I can’t believe it….. its same as that time…}
(Storm remembering)
…(In Sky it seems Storm and Yasa Nirochi on one side and 100 Swords-Man on other side)
…(Nirochi catchs 1000 Swords-Man Sword and Use his Electricity to go through Swords and hurt 1000-Swords Man)
…(But nothing happened and 1000 Swords-Man Smiled)
…Nirochi – this is impossible….
…Storm - !!!
(Back to real time)
Storm – {that time we didn’t know what 1000 Swords-Man Did and now ….}
(At the Corner of Fighting Circuit)
Ayoma – what’s going on?
Shino – I think Ironoside has so many surprises to show us…
(VIP Part)
Onas, Shano, Kora- !!!
Otara – why the electronic didn’t affect him?
Fira – {that boy … he did as 1000 Swords-Man said….}
(Fira remembering)
…Fira – you didn’t feel my fire heat your Sword?
…1000 Swords-Man – hahhah no my Power has the ability to cover my sword means your fire didn’t actually hit my Sword…
(Back to real time)
Fira – {his power covered his Sword and it didn’t let Electricity touch his Sword….}
(At the Center of Fighting Circuit)
Dani – how can this be possible…. How could you do that?
Ironoside – it’s little complicated
Dani - ... then I think I have to stop playing around
Ironoside – playing around, just don’t underestimate me Dani…..
(Ironoside heard)
Darkness – Ironoside let me fight him………………………………………………………………………………

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter35

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/22/09
O yah that what am talking about ..fighting , sword’s attacks , thunder bolt blood, dead bodies ops gome a little farther vision of the story ……. ok lets back to real then..great chatper …Dani is not a piece of cake after all but am sure ironside will wine …….looking for the next one ……
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/11/10
its good to know that ironoside had new strategy than the ones he used to fight with (throwing the 2 swords and fight straight) it would be boring if he kept using that tactics again and again.. bravoo old man .. though i'm still cheering dani :P

dont use ur darkness old man fight it like a real man hey dani get that chance and finish him
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