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Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/22/09
100 questions to Hey!Say!JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke kun
Favorite color? Favorite lucky number? What was he in chrage of at school?
The more and you get to know about Yama chan,
the more you’ll fall in love him ♥

1) What are you leader of in JUMP?
 Talkative leader!!

2) What does JUMP mean to you?
 Now, they become something I can’t live without. It’s my important place.

3) What left you the most impression after your debut as JUMP?
  I don’t have the most. Instead, each and every events are my favorite memories. Even if all the events have different genere, it’s always fun as long as I’m with JUMP♪

4) Out of all your released songs, which one is the hyped up song?
 "Ultra Music Power” It’s a cheerful song and the chorus is great. I guess it’s good

5) Singing and dancing. Which lessons do you like the most?
 Dancing! I’m not good at singing

6) What do you think about when you’re dancing?
 I don’t think about anything. It’s not zero but I try to express the lyrics through my moves

7) Are you flexible?
 I’m not flexible. I can touch the floor when I bend forward but nothing else other than that (laughs)

8) What’s a song by your sempai you sing frequently?
 I don’t go to Karaoke that often but maybe Kinki san’s “Ai no Katamari” I don’t dance to it though.

9) What do you like about yourself?
 I don’t have anything that I like [about myself]. I guess I like that I’m cheerful, actually that’s a good point, right!?

10) What’s Yamada Ryosuke’s weakness?
  My weakness is that I’m very ticklish. Being tickled is a torture. The members [tickle] me sometimes, those stupid fools (laughs). If you ask me who does it the most, it’s Dai chan (Arioka Daiki kun)

11) Precautious? or careless?
 Depends on the situation. For things, I’m △×%○□… Hmm~, actually I have no idea (laughs)

12) Tell us one thing you don’t like

13) If you were to relate an animal to yourself
  Monkey. Not face wise but my personality is loud like the monkeys at the zoo (laughs). Everyone in JUMP is a monkey. They’re all loud (laughs)

14) What activity do you enjoy the most?
 Working is fun but when you meet various kinds of local people, I like the time when I get to have fun with them.

15) Something you can’t stop doing.
 Snapping fingers. I do them whenever I want to feel relaxed like after I get a little annoyed

16) Do you believe in horoscopes?
 Yup. I’m very sorry (laughs). I believe in both bad and the good. I don’t sway on any sides

17) Are you the type of person who solves problems by themselves?
  I’m a type who consults with someone. Members and families. For members, my adviser is Dai chan. He is like a brother after all, he gives me different advices.

18) What is one “my way” that you can’t share?
  Nothing. I usually teach and share anything that I thought was great. I’m more “what’s up with keeping everything to yourself?”I answer according to the situation.

19) Do you bring good weather or rain?
 Maybe, good weather? …. Yeah, I bring good weather!

20) What’s your favorite type of drink?
 Strong and sweet dairy product type of drink. I do like teas too

21) Bread or rice, which one are you mostly likely to eat in the morning?
 Generally, I eat both. I ate rice this morning but I had bread yesterday

22) Fish or meat, which do you prefer?
 Meat! For meats, I like everything from beef, chicken, and pork

23) Sweets and spicy, which do you prefer?
 Spicy. Although I can only eat stuff that are spicy enough to be eaten

24) What’s your favorite ingredient in oden?
 Radish !

25) What’s your favorite ingredient in onigiri?
 Tuna and mayonnaise

26) Your favorite sushi is?
 Anago [sea eel] By the way, I don’t like wasabi. It tastes better without wasabi ♪

27) What’s your favorite dinner side dish?
 Meat! Anything is fine as long as there’s meat

28) What’s your favorite nabe?
 I like crabs but I can’t eat them because I’m allergic to crabs. That’s why, I like shabu-shabu. Kim chi nabes are great too!

29) What’s your favorite type of noodles?
 Udon. I make my own udon by kneading them. I like doing those stuff

30) What kind of ramen do you like?

31) What’s your favorite fruit?
  Strawberry ♥ I’m liken an idol? …. That’s because I am an idol (laughs). No, but really! Strawberries are really good!! But my favorite bread isn’t something like melon pan (laughs). I like curry pan

32) What kind of ice cream do you like?
  I like any ice cream, since I like cold foods. I can eat ice as it is too. I’m really loud in movie theaters. I still crunch on them in serious scenes♪

33) Pastries or Japanese sweets, which do you prefer?
 Depends on the day but I think I mostly eat pastries

34) What do you collect?
 Model gun and manga. I have 7 model guns. The ones I have are mostly stern-looking. I also have 300 manga.

35) What’s your favorite accessory?
 I always wear the same ones but I like necklaces. This is the one I bought for myself

36) What’s a fashion item you’ve recently bought?
 I haven’t gone shopping lately~ (laughs)

37) Which fashion item are you mostly likely to buy?
  I go shopping without deciding on anything, I would buy stuff like “ah, this is it!” I don’t decide on what I want to buy beforehand.

38) What kind of scarf do you have?
 I only have the black one that I bought. I don’t wear scars that often

39) What color are most of your clothes?
  Black. I think black is the color that matches anything. I like how I can coordinate it differently each time. I’m not very particular about colors, maybe that’s because I’m blood type B~? I just feel it’s fine ♪

40) What are your essentials in fashion?
 Ummm, black (laughs)! Color comes first

41) A hairstyle you want to try
 I don’t have a particular haircut I want to try since my hairstyle changes with different roles

42) What’s your favorite color?
 White or/and Black. I like vivid colors too

43) A country you want to go to
 I want to go to Dubai. Someone take me there ♥

44) A place you want to go to in Japan
  Okinawa. My sister’s school excursion trip was in Okinawa. When she came home, she was pretty bummed down because Okinawa was better than she thought. When I heard that, it made want to go there really bad

45) What do you always say?
 "Hey! What are you, stupid? ♥”
 "Damn you~!!”

46) What’s your lucky number?
 4! Whenever I’ve passed anything, there’s always the number 4 in it. My lucky number is 4

47) Do you reply to mails fast?
 Generally, I reply to them right away

48) What’s your favorite sports?

49) What’s your favorite animal?
  In general, I like any animals. When I go to the zoo, I especially look forward to seeing the sloth. It’s like [sloths] have different aura than other animals. They’re one of a kind

50) Your favorite phrase is?
 Pitiful … (laughs) [“Buzama da” From scrap teacher]

51) Your favorite season is?
 Spring or fall. I hate summer and winter! It annoys me when it’s too cold or too hot (laughs)

52) Your favorite event is?
  I’ve never had fun in season events. I don’t do much event-like things with my family either. Maybe I’ll be able to enjoy it from now on

53) What were you in charge of at school?
 I’m not in one right now but I was in charge of animals in primary school. I took care of killifish and bunnies

54) What are you like at school?
 I’m like this, sort of like a fool (laughs) I calm people down

55) Your favorite subject is?
 Something that I don’t have to use my brain♥ I like music, art, and P.E. ♪

56) Your least favorite subject is?
 Something I have to use my brain♥ I especially don’t like math

57) Your favorite 4-character idiom is?
 I’ve never thought of it (laughs)

58) Do you thrive on praise? Or thrive on anger/pressure?
  Thrive on anger/pressure type. It takes time for me to get up on my feet after I get down. But then, I get angry and feel “Dammit! I’ll show you” (laughs)

59) What’s your time on 50m dash?
 I’m pretty fast, about 7.1 seconds. I’m like a tiger, a tiger (laughs)

60) An instrument you can play is?
 I don’t have one but I can play a little bit of the trumpet

61) What if you got a role in a wind-instrumental band?
 I want to try saxophone. They’re so cool! The other day, I found a saxophone in my house so I’m thinking of playing it

62) What do you want to study?
 Cooking. I want a cooking license~

63 What’s a foreign language you want to learn?
  I want to learn English. I talked in German the other day in the drama. There’s not many people who speaks German and I found interests in them but I have no intention of trying them (laughs). They have masculine and feminine nouns, right?

64) Please brag about your “eco”
  I haven’t done much eco stuff. But Earth is in a serious problem right now. We’ve got to do something about this! I use both sides of papers though ~

65) Anything you desire, right now?
 A small animal. I want a flying squirrel. I’ve liked them since I was little

66) What would you do with 1,000,000 yen?
 I’d buy a sloth ♥

67) Something you want to buy when you grow up is?
 A good car

68) Do you go shopping with your parents?
 Yes I do! My family gets along. We take my little sister with us too

69) Are you a morning person?
  I am when I have a drama but when I have school, I just can’t get up (laughs). Well, I do get up but I feel “this is annoying” (laughs)

70) How do you wake up?
 My mom wakes me up or with my alarm. I can wake up right away with my mom but I almost sleep twice with my alarm clock

71) What do you first do when you wake up?

72) What would you do if you get pimples?
  I have pretty tough skin that I don’t get pimples even if I don’t do anything. But I can gain weight easily (laughs). That’s why I try to be careful with that♪

73) You ate the valentines chocolate you received in matter of seconds. Why is that?
 Because they were overflowing with love

74) What kind of chocolate do you want to receive on valentines?
 Anything is OK as long as it’s full of love

75) What would you return on white day?
  I’d choose something with my feelings♥ Anything is fine but maybe letters and what not. I want something that lasts with my feelings in them

76) Who are you aiming to be out of your Johnny’s sempai?
 (Domoto) Koichi kun! Adore him. Everything about him is fantastic

77) Secretly tell us something you’ve recently regretted
 It have something to do with my acting. I just don’t feel satisfied

78) What is Yama chan’s source of spirits?
 Of course it’s all the wonderful people around me. The fans, family and friends, staff, etc

79) Where do you wash first?
 Probably from my head

80) Do you put on lotion after you wash your face?
 Sometimes, but I don’t put them on most of the time

81) What do you always do before going to sleep?
  Umm, what do I do? I take a bath. Of course (ßBoke alone and tsukkomied himself ★) Lately, I listen to my favorite CD. With my orange light and aroma lit. When I start getting a little relaxed, I fall right to sleep. No! It’s not that I’m trying to be cool, I just ended up like that (laughs)

82) Bed? Or futon?
 I’ve gotten used to sleeping on beds lately. I just bought a bed. Average height, it’s not soft or hard

83) What’s your ideal sleeping time?
 8 hours!

84) What would you do if you had a month off?
 I’d go overseas! I want to go to Dubai with one of my friend and probably go to the ocean ♪

85) What would you like to try when you become a high schooler?
  I don’t think there’s a difference between high school and middle school~. But the ticket fee changes in movie theaters, right? I think I’d feel a little bit like an adult when that happens. I’m still a kid (laughs). I’d like to feel a little more adult-like

86) What kind of part-time would you like to try?
  I want to be an apprentice for a restaurant instead of part-time. As a trainee. I like Chinese food so I’d like to make Chinese food like “fire~” (laughs)

87) When do you feel like you’re type B blood?
 When I change the person’s story 180 degrees (laughs)

88) What made you laugh recently?
  I was talking to my friend on the phone while watching the TV and the friend laughed really hard at the same time as I did. My friend has this weird laugh like “Unhahahaha” I asked “what are you watching?” and we were watching the same comedy show. I just laughed really hard because I found watching the same show and my friend’s laugh very strange.

89) What made you cry recently?
 Extremely recently! The reason is a secret. I can’t say a word

90) How do you relieve stress?
 Sleep a lot and laugh a lot! And doing what I like to do!

91) What’s the scariest thing in the world?
 I don’t like small places, high places, and dark places. I’m really scared of them

92) What is your scariest experience?
  One night, I was in the bathroom on the train. Then, knock-knock, there’s was knock on the door. I replied “okay, getting out now” and when I was washing my hands, there was another knock. I said “getting out now” again but this time, it was a harder knock. I said “getting out now” louder than before but then they said “get out now, punk!!” I thought “wait a minute, I think he’s a thug” so I get out in a hurry but there’s no one there. I broke into a cold sweat. It’s still a mystery if it was a ghost or someone’s joke

93) Male or female, which would you like to reborn into?
 Male (Immediately) I’m enjoying [my life] right now

94) What would you do if you became the prime minister?
  Eh!? Already? Hmm, I’d probably do something very free willed. I don’t know what I’m going to do in concrete. Geeze, prime minister is in such a big scale, I don’t know (laughs)

95) What is one thing you’d bring to a deserted island?
 What would I bring? Ah, strong flour♪ To make udon of course

96) Today is the last day of earth. What would you eat?
 Most expensive strawberry or most expensive pear

97) You become a girl when you woke up! Now, what would you do?
  I’d be shocked! I wouldn’t do anything but girls have more variation in clothes than guys so that’d be troublesome, right? There are things that I’d go “what the heck is this!?” (laughs). That’s why I’d first look at what kind of clothes there are since I don’t normally have the chance

98) You became someone else in Johnny’s when you woke up! What would you do?
 I’d become Koichi kun and do the stage “SHOCK”! I’m going to roll off the stairs♥

99) Past or feature, which would you like to go in a time machine?
  Feature (immediately). I’d like to know how I’ve become. I wonder how I turned out. I can’t even imagine what I’m doing but I’d want to be cool with a little sex appeal

100) A word at the end!
 god, that was long (laughs)

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Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/22/09
awww this is really nice!! DUBAI~!
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Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/22/09
for the number 2 Answer, he mean that JUMP are his everything?
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Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/23/09

Ickha wrote:

for the number 2 Answer, he mean that JUMP are his everything?

holla sistaaaah~ you for get me? poor me.
Yes JUMP are his everything, i guess.
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Posted 8/23/09 , edited 8/23/09

GotchicGirl wrote:

Ickha wrote:

for the number 2 Answer, he mean that JUMP are his everything?

holla sistaaaah~ you for get me? poor me.
Yes JUMP are his everything, i guess.

no i'm not
His Everything so sweeeeeeeeet
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