The Mysterious World
Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/24/09
One day there was a little boy left there alone no one know what happend to his parents.Later on an old lady came by and saw him she thought to her self what a sad little boy left there alone and she took him home she treated the little boy as her own son she named him James.As he grow up the old lady sickness got worsen and had passed away.He started high school the next day as he was going to school he saw a girl walked pass him he thought to him self what a tasty looking girl.when he reached school he saw her again,he went up to her and said do u want to be my friend my name is James the girl looked at him and said sure why not my name is Lydia why don't we go to class togeather they both walked into the school they learnd some new things but the reast they just slept at lunch she asked what do u want to eat he said i don't really want to eat right now she said ok
they both went to the school frount door and sat on the benches and they talked about when school is over can u come with me to my house to hang she said sure why not.When lunch is over also school they both walked home while they walked home they felt someone following them so they ran as fast as they can by the time they reached there is was almost 4;00pm so she called her mom and said can i stay over at a friend's house her mom said ok.Later they talked about what was that man following us for is he trying to kidnap us he replyd i don't know
the next day he went outside and looked around for Lydia and she was in the back of the mansion sitting and drinking tea he said u made me worried she said sorry u should go and change to your uniform it time to go to school he said ok.the same boring thing happed till after school she said i have to go to work he said work ? yes i start as a singer for my dad's company.Ok bye James see ya (James)bye see you tomarrow as he walk home the same man was following him and there was anther one was with him he turned around and said why are u followind me!? they said it is because u are going to be our new king.He was shocked they told him that he is a vampire prince, and he has to go with them to see his parents, he said no not today they said ok, but we will stay by your side and protect you for now.(flash bakes)you are our new king)Hey James are u ok you u don't look so well should we go to the school nuers he said no im ok are u sure yeah im sure
ok then i'll go ahead then sure hey you guys hey u look happy ofcourse i am is that guy your boyfriend he's cute no he just a friend are you sure does't look like that u like him.ok i do so what then why don't u ask him out i can't he looks so sad right now and somtimes it seems like he is in a whole other different world (ring ding ding)Oh the school bell lets go.hum i wonder what's wrong with him class is over you can all go home now hey u comming to my houes Lydia no i can't u guys i have to go home my sister comes back from boarding school ok then talk to ya later.(At home)im home!(Rina)hey sis i heard u have a boyfriend so how is he oh he's ok i guess (shocked) WHAT!! where u hear that i heard it from ur friends and mom u stayed at his house too so romantic Lydia;Shut Up!! so cute your blushing Stop it alredy ok .Ok I might go and ask him to the school festavile good for u im going to go out for awile ok don't come back too late alright.Oh the wind feels so nice at night ok time to go back (cat)meow meow hey u why are u here late at night come here (pick up the cat)why did the cat ran off like that hey wha whay is James here (James)oh hey (Lydia)hi why are u out here by your self (James)i could ask you the same question (Lydia)so are u doing anything tomarrow no not really why do u want to go to the school festavile sure i'll see you tomarrow ok bye.Your Majisty why did u ascept that request because i want to she's my friend tell my mom and dad that im not going back with u guys
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