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Posted 9/17/09 , edited 9/18/09
My favorite episode would have to be... Epitaph or A Spy in the House of Love. It's hard to choose. I really like the House of Love episode because of Topher. Epitaph is just plain awesome.

Posted 9/18/09 , edited 9/18/09
My Favourite episode is "Haunted". Mainly because of Topher's awesomeness.

Oh, NEWS..!

Season 2: 2009-2010

FOX has renewed Dollhouse for a 13-episode second season to begin broadcast on September 25, 2009. Season two of Dollhouse began filming on July 22, 2009.
Posted 9/27/09 , edited 9/28/09
Dude, episode 1 of season 2 as already aired! I missed it~!
Posted 9/29/09 , edited 9/29/09
Ooooh, b a ddd..! I have a reason for not watching it on TV....But Whatever..

I dont like DeWitt's new hair cut. Tis too short...I dont think it suits her... and Im seeing some Victor x Sierra, end was cute. Im not talking about Paul and Echo's chat. Gawd, I hate Paul. When is he going to die. Hmm, I wonder if has any feelings for Echo // Caroline ???
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Posted 10/10/09 , edited 10/10/09
no idea what the hell is going on here.... so is it a good show?
Posted 11/4/09 , edited 11/5/09
Extremely good show. Have you ever heard of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, or Firefly? Well those are all by this guy names Joss Whedon who is a genius. And Dollhouse is his latest creation. It and it rocks. Plain and simple. You really must watch it. Everyone should.

Season two is rocking my world. Topher. My dear, dear Topher.
Posted 12/8/09 , edited 12/8/09

Its a shame that he is going to go crazy >_<
he kinda already is thou.
Posted 12/8/09 , edited 12/8/09
Dude. Have you watched the two new episodes that just came out? They were insane.
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