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I'll wait...10 years...

  • C h a r a c t e r s

  • // Kayu \\
    \\ Rune //
    // Tommy \\
    \\ Nicholas //
    // Cecelia \\
    \\ Will //
    \\ Quill //
    // Janette \\
    \\ Marlin \\
    // Monster \\

  • S p e c i a l P l a c e s & I t e m s

  • ~~~> Garden of Dreams
    ~~~> Meadow
    ~~~> Lake Yuna
    ~~~> Quill`s Farm
    ~~~> Waterfall of Roses
    ~~~> Lake Drift Away {With the Rowboat}
    ~~~> The Book and Rose
    ~~~> Candy Wrapper
    ~~~> Bicycle
    ~~~> Tommy's Glasses
    ~~~> Rubix cube
    ~~~> Rune's HEART

  • The LONG Wait

  • The Findings

  • Found Bike

  • The Stranger In The Meadow, With A Rubix Cube?

  • The Truth HURTS

  • Seal It With A Kiss, And The Birthday Wish!

  • The Story and The Rowboat

  • Loophole

  • Changes

  • When Everything Goes Wrong


    Part 10 ~ The LONG Wait

    I was left in the Garden, he disappeared again and left me speechless, though I wanted to scream to him, STOP TIME TRAVELING! Or whatever he kept doing...I couldn't take it anymore, and tomorrow would be the last time I'd see him, just one last time...he wouldn't stop my tears from falling this time, and that's exactly what I was doing, crying my eyes out until I couldn't utter any more tears, two heart beats later, I looked up at the clouds, the worst went threw my mind, and I showed no trace of ever stopping to cry, what was the point? It seemed incredibly impossible to wait 10 years...

    Sniffing and crying, I got back on my bike sloppily and rode sluggishly back home, or that's what I thought, I couldn't come back home looking like this. . .

    But as I made my way going anywhere, I spotted someone threw my blurry vision, the breezy wind helped the tears disappear, "T-Tommy??" But he didn't turn to look back. He was sitting near the Meadow I haven't been to for a while now, I got off my bike, nosily still crying, I felt like such a baby, I bet Tommy never cried.

    "Kayu...? You look terrible!" He got up and turned to see me, and I tripped and landed into his arms unexpectedly, he wrapped his small arms around me, he looked down, concerned. "What happened!?" He said as my tears flooded his curiosity and pity. I tried to say something comprehensible, but the tears and sobs made it impossible. . .

    "KAYU! WHAT'S WRONG!?" He pushed me away and held both my shoulders steadily, holding down my weight, "Tell me who hurt you!"

    I laughed somehow threw my sobs, and he frowned even harder, "...Kayu! It's not funny! I'd never seen you cry like this before..."

    I wiped off some tears with my shaking little hand, "Your so STUPID Tommy!!" I charged to his chest with fists up in the air, burying my face in his moisturized- shirt now, he sighed almost smiling, "Your hopeless. . ." He patted my head, and we both entered the Meadow, the scenery made me somewhat feel better, almost all my tears were wiped away using my blouse, "So are you ready to tell me what happened?"

    He asked, and pulled my knees up to my chin, mumbling, "Erm...okay..." And I told him everything, from day one since I've met Candy boy- Rune. It wasn't such a long story to tell, I edited most of the time, and parts where he'd said he loved me, I couldn't repeat. And parts where he made me so happy, I edited. But Tommy got the gist of it I'm sure. He suddenly complained and it made me laugh, "Jeez, look what you did to my shirt! It's all wet now, crybaby!"

    "Sorry...." I said breathless, eyes red from crying.

    "But anyway, this guy sounds like a real jerk..." He scowled, putting one finger up.

    "No." I shook my head and smiled wearily, "He's everything." I sighed.

    "Kayu..." He said and hugged me tightly, whispering something I didn't understand.

    . . .

    It was at the time that I've found a new kind of respect for Tommy, so he wasn't always so mean, he had his good qualities. Making me laugh was one of them. Weird...

    "Hey, uh, Tommy?" I asked threw a smile, we were at the point of almost reaching Quill's place, he was walking me home. And I had stopped my tears.

    "What now?" He was intent on keeping his eyes away from meeting mine purposely, which made me doubt my ludicrous theory of him being nicer.

    "What you did back was nice of you, I never knew you would care that much."

    He still looked off somewhere, I could see it though- somehow his mouth had smoothed onto a peaceful smile, "Uh huh."

    Was all he came up with, I laughed. "Wow. Forget I even mentioned it..."

    A couple moments flew by without a single noise, "Uh, thanks for walking me home." I said in a whisper, stopping by the fields near Quill's farm. Tommy stopped a second after me, his body language telling me he didn't want anything to do with me.

    "What's wrong...? You've been so quite and you haven't called me an 'idiot or, 'stupid' in a long time!" I complained, slowly Tommy was starting to get on my nerves with this silent treatment of his, Is he possibly But my thoughts were half-way interrupted, Tommy inclined his head toward mine, as if he was going to kiss me! I turned bright red and yelped, "WHAT!"

    He grinned and frowned, "I still see a tear. Better not let your parents see that you've been crying, little girl."

    "Huh?" I lifted a finger and patted below my eye, "Oh...Yeah!" I chuckled, not by the tear, but by what I thought he was going to do, "I'm all better now!" I shouted cheerfully, but after that Tommy still continued to say nothing. It was aggravating.

    We bound by Tommy's house first, mine was just across the street, "See ya Tommy!" I smiled, or at least tried to, it didn't feel wholeheartedly, and sure didn't reach my eyes,


    Yay! He called me idiot! I blinked with a wince, "Wait, why am I an idiot this time!?"

    "You left your bike by the Meadow. Wow your slow. Bye." He slammed the door on my face before I could say anything, and I pouted, looking to both my sides, the bike really was still in the Meadow. "Aw man!" I stomped my foot, heading home anyways, I'll make sure to get the bike tomorrow, Tomorrow... I didn't want to be reminded of the T word. . .I would of been plagued with depression again and start to cry.

    Never mind, was I crazy? I needed my bike. Right now it was the only thing that made sense in the world, I bolted back to the Meadow panting every few seconds, not stopping by for anything, My face turned red by the time I already made it back to the Meadow, but my bike was no where in sight. I could have swore I put it against a tree...or something. "Dangit!" I bawled my wee-small fists, yelling out of frustration.

    I could not believe I lost my bike. . .

    What would I tell my parents? Oh yeah, hey Mom, so I went to the Garden just like you didn't want me to, oh and yeah, I've been doing it quite a lot, then I left the bike by the Meadow and someone took it or something...oh and Tomorrow, my life will officially end.

    Yeah, that was a good excuse.

    I was full of excuses theses days, ever since I'd came upon the Garden of Dreams, It didn't matter though. I've always came faithfully to that Garden, always smiling, this time it was different.

    I was at home now. No time to start a search party for my bike. My parents didn't bagger me with questions, that was good. They wouldn't see how down I really was.

    I sat on my bed that barely fit me, it was getting to small for me. I was growing. I rolled to the other side of the bed, the end side. Thinking now was the only time I had time to do everything I'd ever wanted, since tomorrow marked the day of my death. But. . . I fell asleep.

    And dreamed, a bad, bad nightmare. Rune was never at the Garden to say good-bye.

    This greatly tortured me, like a sword had been plunged into my chest, and stuck there. For eternity. I had no idea what time it was, for it didn't matter. I didn't care one bit. I ran to that Garden, in the same clothes before I fell asleep, I thought this was a hex of some sort. How could I fall asleep!? I ran with the freezing wind, I knew the sun would rise soon, I felt it deep in my almost-broken heart. And the moon was fading as I stared at it while running and running, and running.

    Rune wouldn't leave without saying good-bye right!?

    My eyes blurred again with the same moisture from yesterday, I wasn't sure if it was yesterday actually, I didn't know anything up to this point, but the tears started to cover my cheeks, before I could realize it, I was curled into a ball near the only tree that remained in the Garden, my body started to shake while my knees pulled up to my chin for a comfort that I wished, but would never come. "RUNE!" I shouted the loudest my 10 year old lungs could utter.

    And there he was, the angel arriving in the fading moon light. "Don't cry. . ." His expression was torn and just as depressed as mine, he dropped his head so that his face was no higher than mine, staring into my eyes, he pulled me close to him and I rested my hopes there. I said that we'll make the best of today. I was wrong. I could only cry.

    "Kayu." He tried to speak threw my sobbing, moving my hair out of my face, my eyes were tightly shut.

    "I love you."

    His voice was like a whisper in the breeze, my whole system turned off and he tightened his arms around my small fragile body, It was strange. I was so happy with Tommy back then, and now I'm breaking down, it was embarrassing. I guess I was fooling myself with those fake emotions. I felt like this the whole time.

    Rune kissed my hand with those gentle lips of his, I blinked in amazement, and all the tears were gone. "DON'T LEAVE ME ANYMORE!" Still didn't change the hurt. He put his hand over mine, our hands locked tightly.

    "I love you so much." His lovely voice repeated, delicate voice was like wind-chimes, and the mere touch of his hand on mine, I felt healed. But I could see the deep pain in his face, he hated doing this. Just as much I hated receiving such heartbreak.

    "Please don't give up, just think, In 10 years...we'll be together again, but PLEASE, PLEASE, live your life, Kayu. To the fullest you can, smile, laugh, cherish your best friend Tommy. . ." He inhaled and continued, my eyes widening at his words, especially mentioning Tommy.

    "I don't want you to miss out on your youth days, Kayu. Your not always going to be this little kid you are now, as long as your heart beats, I will always be here." His eyes unleashed the full force of his love into mine. It started to sprinkle. The sunrise slowly blinding me.

    I winced and dug my head into his chest, when I opened my eyes after a minute, It didn't surprise me. I was hugging nothing. And I even tried clutching the air to hopefully put the pieces of him together. He was gone in bits again.

    He was gone. Just like that. My mouth opened, stunned.

    I could just die here, but instead, this time he left something more sentimental, a rose and a book.

    I read the first few pages, trying not to let the tears fall onto the pages, the sunrise leaked a few areas in the Meadow, giving out a straight line across some flowers,

    "A certain man planted a rose and watered it faithfully and before it blossomed, he examined it.

    He saw the bud that would soon blossom, but noticed thorns upon the stem and he thought, "How can any beautiful flower come from a plant burdened with so many sharp thorns? Saddened by this thought, he neglected to water the rose, and just before it was ready to bloom... it died.

    So it is with many people. Within every soul there is a rose. The God-like qualities planted in us at birth, grow amid the thorns of our faults. Many of us look at ourselves and see only the thorns, the defects.

    We despair, thinking that nothing good can possibly come from us. We neglect to water the good within us, and eventually it dies. We never realize our potential.

    Some people do not see the rose within themselves; someone else must show it to them. One of the greatest gifts a person can possess is to be able to reach past the thorns of another, and find the rose within them.

    This is one of the characteristic of love... to look at a person, know their true faults and accepting that person into your life... all the while recognizing the nobility in their soul. Help others to realize they can overcome their faults. If we show them the "rose" within themselves, they will conquer their thorns. Only then will they blossom many times over."

    I closed the book and tried to breath, staring at the sun for what seemed a long time, finally finding my voice and saying,

    "Alright, Rune. I'll wait 10 years!"

    The wind sent a message threw my ears, 'Take good care of our hearts.' Rainbows colored the Garden in the sunlight, slowly reaching a hidden smile from within me.

    End To Part 10

    Part 11 ~ The Findings

    He truly touched my heart.

    He told me he'd always been watching over me, even as a small child, and I bet he still is; until my heart stops beating that is.

    But, I still couldn't help feeling so lifeless and empty without him, this has got to be the hardest thing I've had to ever do, wait so long. . . Just thinking about it made it seem humanly impossible. I had to stop flooding my mind with such negativity though, I told him I would wait...It's time I start thinking positive, like how much he was a part of my life, no, still is. My visits to the Garden made my heart skip a beat, it made it so full of joy and wonder, I didn't think such emotions were possible for me.

    I just wished I could have said I love you back to him. I'm just still surprised he could love me. There's still too much I can't comprehend, about Time Travelers...and all that Time Travel mambo jumbo, wasn't it true if you did then that would change the outcome of the future or something? I'd traveled to the past before. . . I wonder if that'll change the future? I hope not.

    I pulled out of my thinking state for a while, leaving my way out of the Garden, I don't know if I could trigger enough strength to come back knowing this used to be our happy place. I also didn't want to cry every time I came here. . .

    Such a place should make me smile all the time, never cry.

    I looked down, seeing the flowers dancing with the wind, the rainbow was absolutely extraordinary, so was the sunrise.

    It was impossible not to feel happy now. I walked a little ways more to the entrance of the Garden, and saw, Tommy...?

    "Kayu? Let's go." His voice carried threw the breeze, and it was coherent. I blinked, And I finally understood. Oh! I did tell Tommy almost everything about Rune...and how today would be really hard for me. Tommy's such a good person.

    "Yeah, let's go!" I giggled and skipped to him for the very first time, and it felt like new emotions were triggering, they weren't fake as the last time.

    While I was close enough to him he stretched his hand out and grabbed mine, taking me somewhere. "Where are we going!?" I shouted, and Tommy's face had a certain...glow. My eyes widened at that.

    "I gotta show you something!"

    "What is it?"

    It was strange, this wasn't the Tommy I knew so well, what was with the friendly attitude? He always seemed to have been there for me whenever I needed a friend. . . It kind of reminded me of Rune. . .

    "You'll see!" We ran some more for what seemed some measly minutes, never knowing where he was taking me, I let him squeeze my hand and, he brought me to a place I'd never explored before...

    Far, far from the Meadow, I don't think I was allowed to go that far.

    Tommy pulled away effortlessly from my hand, our fingers didn't interlock much, which was good because I would have thought Tommy meant more from it...

    My hand dropped to its side, eyes wide and sparkling as I stared at a patch of roses near a small waterfall made into a small hole, that suspended on what seemed a mossy area, the water came out running as it sparkled constantly, the birds in the area seemed the majority of blue jays, then one exquisite looking one; it was colorful and almost looked like a rainbow.

    I saw the irony of the roses though...

    "The roses are...pretty." I determined, kneeling down to see them up close, they were just as the ones Rune left behind. A nice scent.

    "You like em?" He threw me one short glance and sat near the edge of the stream that suspended a waterfall, he watched it inventively. Everything was so bright here, the leafs of the trees in comparison looked so colorful and green than any other trees I've seen, so did the grass. This place almost looked like one of my dreams. There were a couple of rocks tossed into to the stream, and Tommy made a valiant effort to toss more, the stones skipping across the water, I never understood how one could do that without the stone drowning. This was called 'Skipping Stones'. I'm sure he took my silence as a definite 'Yes' to if I liked them, I LOVED them actually.

    I pouted, and sat next to him in a cross legged position, "How do you do that?" I asked, watching him throw more in a manner that looked too easy,

    "You don't know? Well the best stones to skip are the flat and circular ones, the stone should also be flicked to give it a spin it should hit the water and well, skip threw it! Spinning it rapidly is important too." This sounded like Science class to me all over again.

    Tommy caught my dumb look, he got up and picked up a stone and handed it to me, I looked at it without any idea what to do next. "Okay now, the bottom surface should rest on your bent middle finger, and your thumb should hold it down from the top. Your index finger should be curled against the edge of the stone."

    Blah, blah, blah.

    "Where'd you learn all of this?"

    "Some book. And from experience."

    And so I did what he instructed me to do, he helped me along the way by playing around with my fingers, which wasn't necessary because I could figure out how to do everything he said, okay, so I had no idea.

    We spent a good time on the 'Skipping Stones', the sun was still out of course, it was morning. And I just noticed I should be home before my parents woke up!

    "Oh! Tommy I gotta go! I'll see you tomorrow-" He cut me off.

    "No, silly. Tonight your parents and mine are getting together for dinner remember? You forgot already?"

    I seriously did, with everything that's been going on today that was the last thing to cross my mind. I gave him an apologetic smile, "O-oh right! I knew that, just..."

    "Yeah, I understand. I wouldn't blame you. See ya." He set off before me without even sparing a farewell glace.

    Did I make him mad for forgetting? It wasn't like him to get mad, or jealous.

    . . .

    The evening proceeded quickly.

    Tommy's parents, Janette and Marlin had came in just a few minutes ago, they greeted me and my parents, but no sign of Tommy. I wondered.

    "Hey, Janette. Why hasn't Tommy came? I pulled on her blouse, she looked down on me with a smile.

    "Oh, he said he'll catch up with us, I don't know what he's doing at home. . ." She slightly crouched down and patted my head, assuring me with the same smile as Marlin put on.

    "Should I...go get him?"

    "I don't think that's necessary Kayu," Marlin said, smiling again.

    But I want to see what's taking him so long...

    I sighed, and we all walked into the backyard, where Mom had a barbecue waiting.

    I wonder if she was comfortable of speaking about the Garden now? It's been a while since I'd mentioned it. Maybe she cooled down? And I really wanted to know if she knew Rune. It was possible; Rune said he could never age, and he probably knew my mother when she was young?

    I knew my curiosity would get the better of me, "U-um, I gotta run to the bathroom! I'll be right back!" So I ditched the grown-ups and went across the street, Mom and the story of Rune could wait, plus, I couldn't bare seeing her so angry again. Not until I was ready to take it.

    The sun was already setting, you could see my shadow running across the street, I banged on Tommy's door, neither Tommy nor Monster noticed my arrival; so I went in by myself. I heard noises upstairs, and quickly ran up.

    "Jeez, Tommy! Now I'll get mad at you for not coming! Or did you forget!?" Of course he didn't forget, Janette assured me that. I barged into his room, he was looking inside some box from under his bed, fretting.

    "What's wrong...?"

    "My glasses broke." He said, frowning. So he thought he'll find spare ones in a box?

    "How did they break?"

    "I don't know!" He yelled at me, though he looked nicer without the glasses, and never before have I noticed his eyes. . . they were so, interesting.

    He barged out of the room, now this was the Tommy I knew!

    "Well where are you going NOW!?"

    "I'm going to look into Mom and Dad's room, maybe they kept a pair in they're room? Try looking in my room, thanks."

    It was really weird being alone in Tommy's room, he'd never invited me in his room EVER!

    I sighed and had no choice but to look at the other boxes from under his bed, rampaging threw dirty old comics, and just wondering how this could happen so randomly.

    I found something in the last box I was able to pull out;

    I found a Book and a Rose.

    End To Part 11

    Part 12 ~ Found Bike

    Tommy STOLE Rune's Book and Rose! Or maybe. . . It's just a copy? But, this is all just too weird! What if Tommy never really broke his glasses? He knew I was coming, and he knew I would help him, maybe he wanted me to find this! What does it mean? I flipped open the book just to make sure, I remembered word for word about the 'certain young man' and how he neglected a flower. But there was a note attached on the last page. . .

    'When I first met this girl, she wanted to stay in the Garden forever, I told her that wasn't a good idea, she soon found out why. I hoped after that she would visit again, she was so small and cute by the way, and she came everyday after that; she kept calling me 'Candy boy' I found that cute. Today; I'm thinking I should give her my name. And then maybe...Tell her what I am.' As I read the words, Rune went threw my mind, this seemed like a diary of some sort, had he wrote it during our happy days?

    'Monster came to me that night, I know why. But Tommy knew all along, he should keep it a secret until the right time. Today was the hardest day of my life. I had to tell my love that I won't see her until 10 years, I gave her my heart then.' But Rune was gone now. . . was he watching over me in some parallel world? Writing me notes in this book? It was possible. I believed anything Rune did was possible. I stared at the words, 'I gave her my heart then,' for longer than I thought, Tommy was back in the room with a guilty expression.

    I knew that this new tear in my heart would always ache, that was just going to be a part of me now- Time would make it easier, that's what everyone always says.

    I made an effort to smile at his thoughts and words, never looking back up at Tommy.

    He sighed, "So you found it." There wasn't that glow anymore in his face.

    "Why did you...STEAL it!?" I asked coldly, flat.

    "What?" He said, shocked. I didn't expect THAT she THAT naive? He stepped closer, but I put a restraining hand to stop him- "HOW could YOU? I KNEW YOU WERE JEALOUS OF HIM THE WHOLE TIME!"

    "You just...couldn't STAND seeing me happy could you!?" He tried to talk over me at some point, but I continued babbling on, "I'm not finished! You knew this was the only thing I would remember him by. . . YOU KNEW!" I shrieked, and at this point I was already out of breath, panting. I ran out of the room with mixed feelings of my best friend, he just stood there, eyes covered with his hair, looking down to the floor of his room.

    You got it all wrong Kayu. . . "When is the right time to tell her Rune?" He said quietly threw his teeth, pissed off. "I hate you Rune! How could you... I ever make her wait so long!?"

    . . .

    I was so upset at Tommy that I didn't even bother taking the Book and Rose back, how stupid I am. I couldn't come back home. Not looking like such a mess, but I've dealt with worse pain, this was nothing compared to where I left my heart- everything, back at the Garden of Dreams.

    And my bike was STILL missing! It had been such an important transportation, too! I didn't know where I was walking to, I couldn't go back to the Garden of course, I'd break down again; I couldn't go to the Meadow because I was there with traitor Tommy, I couldn't go past the Meadow to that waterfall. . . And Lake Yuna, too. There was no where left for me to go! I was going to go insane here. All those places reminded me of how much I'm hurting.

    "What is this contraption?"

    I heard a young boy's voice in the distance; and by 'contraption' I thought, BIKE! I scrambled off to see for myself, follow where the sound came from. . . The Meadow.

    I blinked, disappointed. It was just a boy with a Rubix cube...

    A dark cloud followed above my head everywhere I went, gloomy again. forecast was GLOOM definitely. My voice was shattered into a million pieces when I spoke, "I know how to solve those." But he didn't even notice I said anything, just continued trying to figure out the puzzling Rubix cube in his hand.

    "Did you hear me? I KNOW how to solve them!" I shouted louder, hoping he would notice me. Maybe with this cloud above my head, I would always be ignored.

    "Hmmm....STUPID PIECE OF S-" He blinked mid-sentence, staring at the fact that I was just a little kid; "Oh, uhh...hi?' He clutched his jaw tight, forbidding any more cursing. I didn't even know what he was about to say.

    "Hi," I said feebly, mourning in my mind. I understood nothing right now.

    "Hey, little girl. I saw a...some contraption by some Garden, could it be yours?" He walked up to me curious, he was older then me, my chin was to his chest, I was so short. But his words gave me a little hope, if that counted for anything. He nudged my shoulder, "HEY! ARE YOU LISTENING!?" He screamed in my ear, laughing at my expression, it was one of laughter, a happy little girls laugh.

    "Thank you! I'll go see~!" I shouted back in his ear and half-smiled, as I ran I stopped looking back at the Rubix kid boy,

    "Stay here, okay? I'll be right back!"

    . . .

    I ran down the path that always lead me to the Garden, by the entrance, I saw my bright and shiny bike! It looked...brand new. "Oh my god!" I breathed, too joyful. Hugging my bike awkwardly, how could one hug a bike the right way? Strange though...It just seemed to have 'magically' appeared.

    End To Part 12

    Part 13 ~ The Stranger In The Meadow, With A Rubix Cube?

    When I got back to the Meadow where I'd exactly found Rubix kid, riding my bike once again was like the best feeling I could hope for, well, second. One would be seeing Rune again. . .

    "Hey, Rubix kid! I found it, I found it!"

    He stood in the same spot I'd asked him to, "That's good. . ." He nodded once, laying across the grass still, messing around with the Rubix cube he couldn't solve.

    I got off my bike even though I really didn't want to, "I can solve it." I repeated again, for the third time I think, he finally let me borrow it.

    I sat up next to him, taking a few seconds to solve it. "THERE! HA, easy eh?" I cheered, despite everything that happened today. . .

    "What? Do you know how LONG it took me to even get CLOSE!?" He shook his head, still probably thinking it was utterly incomprehensible to solve.

    I pulled my knees up, staring at the Rubix cube, laughing.

    "Oh well," He sighed, rolling onto his elbow and staring at me, "What's your name little one?"

    "Kayu." I smiled pleasantly, he reminded me of an angel, close to Rune.

    "Kayu huh? Name's Nicholas."

    I sighed and layed myself with him, my head angled to his, we both stared at each other in the eyes; was history repeating itself?


    "Your blushing." He pointed out, smirking.

    "I-I'm not!" I crossed my arms over my tummy, turning the other way, muttering.

    Just then I heard insects humming, was it nighttime already!?

    I stood up in a start when I heard the 5th hum, "HOLY COW!" I screamed, bewildered. Never even thinking about my family back at home. I've completely forgotten the dinner. . .

    "WHAT!?" Nicholas shouted just as startled as I was, helping me up off the ground.

    My smile faded into worry, "My parents are gonna kill me!"

    "Why?" He asked, confused.

    "I missed dinner...and and..." Before I could finish he held me close and patted my back, "There, there. . . no one's gonna kill you. Just go back home and tell them the truth. You lost your bike."

    Yes, that was good. But, at first I told them I was going to the bathroom! And if was in the bathroom that long. . . I'm sure Mom would just see it as a lie and find out I've been sneaking around the Garden! I hated always having to lie...always having to give them an alibi!

    "Help me," I begged him, falling to my knees.

    He rubbed the back of his head, getting involved in something that wasn't even his business.

    "Okay," He sighed, "This is what you should do..." He whispered the details in my ear, and I headed back home with his idea.

    End To Part 13

    Part 14 ~ The Truth HURTS

    Rubix cube's were easy to solve; well, the CHEATING way.

    I went back home planning to set my plan into motion; I was pretty determined with what I heard, though. I still had this uneasy feeling in my stomach, what if they didn't believe me? Their little angel.

    . . .

    The moon was already out by the time I made it back home, and of course, I knew Tommy wasn't coming. I made my entrance very innocent, as if I was really in the bathroom the whole time, Mom said something first.

    "Kayu? Where were you?" Both Mom and Janette exchanged a questionable face, My Dad, Will and Marlin were drinking buds. They didn't look interested, just hungover. What great parental control...

    "Um, bathroom. I had-" What was that word Nicholas had wanted me to use...? It stared with a D...Diarrhea? Worth a shot.

    "Dia-rrhea?" My voice was unsure, soon I heard laughter. WHAT DID THAT WORD MEAN!? My vocabulary wasn't that big...

    It was silent for the remaining time, Cecelia, which is my mom cleaned up after everyone and Janette helped too, the grill was completely spotted clean at every edge, I had came to late...there was no leftovers for me.

    "But, Kayu! You missed the whole dinner! Try not to get DIARRHEA again, okay?" She laughed once more, followed by 3 more laughs. I think she was convinced enough.

    I nodded, still confused. Looking around hopelessly for a sign that Tommy had been here; no luck.

    "I'm sorry Kayu, I don't know why Tommy didn't-" She began while I interrupted,

    "No, no. It's fine Janette..."

    "No it's not, I tried going back home to ask him what was taking him so long, and he said he didn't 'feel' like going. . .and I didn't want to FORCE him."

    Of course he would say that...

    I sighed, clearly disappointed, "It's alright...I'm sure he had more important things to do..." I frowned.

    "Sorry, I know how he's your best friend and all..." She walked to me while my head was down, patting it anyway.

    . . .

    The rest of the night I didn't pay much attention to, I was quite out of it for the most part. All of this weighing on a 10 year old's shoulders was NOT right. Just everything- Rune, Tommy, everything! I didn't have anybody to talk to now.

    Things needed to change, I needed to stop feeling so down lately.

    And my birthday the following morning helped, A LOT. I was turning the big one one!

    Mom and Dad had been already fully awake and energized for the day planned, they planned a picnic near the Meadow again! And I was glad mom wasn't thinking of how close that was to the Garden.

    We reached the Meadow while the warmness of the sun was hitting us all over, I had my picnic basket and everything in check.

    They wished me a happy birthday of course and I crossed my fingers for them to get me what I wanted.

    Let's see if that wish comes true.

    When I had some free time I went to pay a visit to Rubix cube boy; hopefully he'll still be in the Meadow somewhere.

    And he was, I saw him there just sitting in the same spot as last night, still with the Rubix cube. I need to get used to calling him Nicholas.

    "Hey~ Guess who just turned 11 today!" I smiled and sat on the ground with him.

    "Hm...well, dunno. Maybe my Mom or Dad? Or Brother? Or-"

    I pointed a finger at myself, frowning at his absent mind, "No! Me." I grinned. Rocking around as I sat up; like a rocking chair.

    "Oh. Well happy birthday! Your still short though." He shot me a funny grimace and looked up at the sky, "So how is your birthday so far?" He asked after a minute or maybe shorter,

    "Alright I guess...but I hope my parents get me what I wanted..."

    He raised an eyebrow, I think he was amused. "And what is that?"

    I pouted and leaned forward, "My wish won't come true if I tell you!" I would be blowing out my candles tonight at 8 o'clock.

    "How old are you Nicholas?" I asked out of no where, half-curious, and just wanted to start a conversation.

    "Uhh." He hid his face from me, turning the other way in the grass, I still sat up.

    "What...? Why won't you tell me?"

    He isn't like...20 like Rune is he?

    I leaned closer to his face, "Your really old aren't you-?" I said. Suspicious if he was a Time Traveler like Rune or not...

    My short green hair flowed in the breeze, and Nicholas looked very much like Rune at the moment. I frowned, deep in thought.

    He suddenly grabbed my chin and pulled it closer to his face, "You can do so much better," His voice was intended to be low.

    "Huh. . .?" I asked, gazing at his almost closed eyes. He sat up then and released my chin, thoughtful. "You know what I mean."

    "No, no I don't..." Was my puzzled expression not good enough?

    He sighed, he didn't bother to sugar coat it at all; "About that scum you like so much, RUNE!"


    Did Nicholas somehow know Rune? And what was with the name calling!? "HE'S NOT SCUM!" I busted out with anger.

    "Really." He didn't look away from my line of sight, he kept finding it somehow, this time he looked serious.

    "A good person wouldn't make you wait so long, for what, love? How can you wait for somehow that long, in your young life Kayu? That's pretty much just a SLAP in the face y'know!"

    I shook my head and pulled my eyes brows into an angry look, he spoke as if he KNEW everything! What the hell?

    "How are you certain he ISN'T just lying to you? What if after 10 years, and somehow he does show up again, what if he makes you wait longer? What then? You'll wait LONGER!? Your just wasting your life!"

    I was more than angry now, BEYOND it. "What the heck do you know!? You don't know how we feel about each other! You don't know- And I KNOW for he wouldn't make me wait any longer! He's like my soul mate-" I gasped while a fast pair of arms reached for me and held me, I tried to break free but failed.

    "Sorry, I went too far, but...he is what he is. A Time Traveler. Your gonna have to deal with it-"

    "SHUT UP!" I shouted threw a breaking voice, fighting the tears. A part of me DIDN'T want to believe his words- but...that part where he WAS right...they wouldn't leave me be.

    "...Your gonna have to continue life, he can't be with you, it wasn't meant to be, doesn't it make you sad when he time travels?"

    This time I didn't bother interrupting him, because he was right about Rune. He is a Time Traveler...and I hate it when he leaves me...disappears, or whatever it is he does.

    "So? Just be with me."

    I could never imagine the past...the future...without Rune. He promised me 10 years, until then, I would see him again. Wasn't that right or just a lie? This question was seriously corrupting my mind. And obviously my judgment. . .

    "I'm not a Time Traveler- I won't leave you."

    Were all those tears a wasted effort for the one I love? No, loved. Past tense.

    "I'll take that nod as a 'Yes'. This is great Kayu, I can make you happy everyday of your life, and hold you like this forever and ever."

    End To Part 14

    Part 15 ~ Seal It With A Kiss, And The Birthday Wish!

    A part of me felt like I'd cheated...I had no intention of ever doing something to hurt the one I loved. No intention at all. But Nicholas did have a point...

    "I still love can't change that."

    "I know." He sighed, cradling me in his arms. I hated myself. It didn't feel right at all...

    I felt as if all the memories back at the Garden were all flashing threw my brain. All of them. What a birthday this turned out to be. . .

    A couple short minutes passed in quick heartbeats, raised pulse and adrenaline, I was so ashamed, I only true imagined this with Rune. Holding me like this...

    Nicholas saw my crest-fallen-sullen expression, he knew I would always stay like that. "...Look what he did to you..." Nicholas said in a whisper.

    I didn't feel like arguing with him anymore, all I did was shake my head and add onto more of a headache.

    "...Can you tell me how old you are now?" I asked with my head still down, I wasn't as interested as the last time.

    "14." He answered, so he didn't look that old; but he looked more like a younger Rune. But he looked so mature looking for his age...

    I sighed in half-relief, "At least your not THAT old." I was still sad.


    I didn't get it though, why did he seem so willing to answer my question now? "I thought you would think I'm too old, but actually it's only a 3 year difference..."

    I nodded my head, completely hollow inside and out. "Let's seal it with a kiss," He spoke as he inclined his head closer to mine, pursuing to kiss me. He spoke of something more than age difference, he wanted me forever, like he'd said. I didn't know what I was supposed to do or how to react, this would be my first kiss.

    "I hate you Nicholas." I hissed and turned my head the other direction.

    "Good. Hate is a step closer to passion." He used one hand and redirected my face up to his for the kiss.

    * * *

    Okay, now I've officially cheated; I was completely lifeless as a stone when I headed back home, I didn't even feel like riding my bike anymore...and the bike was so important to me. It was like another part of my happiness.

    Mom and Dad were as enthusiastic as ever; and I was the completely opposite. The clock chimed 8:00.

    My Mom called a few friends over and adults- a little over 7 and that's it.

    But Tommy was a no show.

    "Blow out your candles and make a wish hunny!" Mom's voice carried threw my ears and I still frowned, she seemed distracted at the fact I was turning 11 then my mood. I knew at this moment in my life I had a new, more meaningful wish...

    "Okay..." I said, and inhaled a long breath and blew out my 11 candles like a cooling fan.

    I wish Rune could forgive me. . .

    End To Part 15

    Part 16 ~ The Story and The Rowboat

    The morning after my birthday; I woke up to find my life completely changed. Or though that's how it felt.

    Looking out my window I saw that it was a bright and shiny morning, with an exhale I pushed open the window to let the sun hit inside my room, leaving no shadowed areas. The sun was bright this specific day.

    All I could do last night after my wish was think about Rune and the wrong I've done, when you love somebody you don't give up...

    Though I kissed another guy... I hated feeling so confused and stupid, can I even live with myself this way?

    I heard 2 knocks to my door and the person entered abruptly after, "Kayu? We need to talk..."

    It was Mom! Maybe she noticed my mood last night after all?

    "Kayu, your still miserable? I though so..." She sighed un-easily, bothered by my recent bad moods.

    "I think it's time I finally tell you...exactly why I didn't want you going near that Garden." She sat on the edge of my bed just as I was, looking out of the window toward the golden sun, "When I was about your age, me and Tommy's Mother always used to spend time together and play. Once we came upon a BEAUTIFUL garden filled with flowers at every edge, we couldn't look away, we didn't want to. We didn't think such a place existed. It was too...beautiful. I met a man here Kayu- he was old though. And I was but a girl. Janette only saw him maybe once or twice- But I...I used to visit him everyday! Kayu, I was in love. With Rune.

    I couldn't believe she was finally telling me this! And I was right! She knew Rune, she loved Rune.

    Suddenly her face fell, and her hands turned into shaking fists- "He promised me 10 years Kayu, until then we would see each other again..."

    My eyes widened at the coincidence, or maybe it was more than that? I tried to get a grip on myself, I looked even more miserable to what was to come...Mom...Did Rune ever come back to you. . .?

    "So, I waited. It's been over 10 years now, and he broke his promise to me...!" Mom tightened her lips to keep from speaking any more, I could see it hurt her- I could see it in her eyes. Would this be the same faith I'll have to deal with? NO I CAN'T!

    "MOM- YOU DON'T THINK THAT..." I shouted as my eyes peeled wide as can be, Was Nicholas right after all?

    "I know you've met him Kayu, you wouldn't be this way if you hadn't...I remember how it feels like...The Long Wait was unbearable, Kayu please, for your own sake, don't be like your Mother...don't wait for heartbreak!" She tried so hard to keep her voice from not breaking, all I could do was watch and feel pity. Would I feel the same way too? I already do...

    "But-- everything he said-" He told me he loved me!!

    Mama shook her head, hugging me too quickly for me to react, "Forget about it."

    How COULD I!? How could everything be for naught?

    * * *

    This pain in my heart would never go away, that I was certain of. Mom verified that with her story. But she loves Dad though right?

    It was pouring outside despite the nice weather in the morning.

    It was in the afternoon that I went for a bike ride in the pouring rain- I didn't care.

    I hadn't been riding my bike for a while now, and I just needed to do something that made sense to me, even though it would never feel the same, I wasn't going to go be seeing Rune with this bike anytime soon...not like how I used to.

    So I went to the Creek.

    I don't know why. I just did.

    The rain completely left me soaked, but I liked the rain so much, I loved to dance in the rain whenever I was in a happy mood- though I wasn't. So I sat at the end of the bridge overlooking the water below my dangling feet- seeing my reflection in the water consumed time and that's all I found myself doing these past few days.

    But, something saved me from that faith. I saw a Rowboat not too far from where I was, drifting closer and closer.

    When the person in the Rowboat paddled closer I finally noticed who it was. Tommy!

    He missed my birthday. Stole Rune's Book and Rose...what else could he possibly do?

    His hair was like mine- dripping wet and lying flat across his eyes, I could barely see them that way.

    He finally rowed near where I sat, dropping the paddles for now. Just floating there in his little Rowboat.

    "Kayu. . .?" I could barely here nor make out his voice threw the rain, but I could tell the shock in his voice. I crossed my arms across my chest and looked away off to the side, at anything but him.

    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" He shouted trying to fight off the noisy rain, but I didn't even flinch.

    "Please Kayu...get in the Rowboat, I have something I think you should know." More secrets I'm guessing? What else could surprise me today?

    I got up unwillingly and followed him in the Rowboat, slipping on the heel of my flip flop and lunging into Tommy's arms. With a loud groan I got off of him hastily and sat up, far away from him as possible, still not talking.

    He paddled along the creek and we didn't go that far from the bridge, it looked like he needed some help with the paddling. There was only two paddles and he had to work them both. Stopping shortly after he took a break and finally leaned to the side from exhaustion. The rain wasn't helping much.

    "What do you want?" I asked coldly, the clouds not looking like they would change, bleak and gray still.

    "...K-Kayu." He stammered out of breath, shapeining up a bit 5 seconds later.

    "I'm sorry I didn't come to your birthday! I'm sorry for EVERY stupid little thing I've done! I'm sorry for-"

    "I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT! WHAT REALLY GOT ME MAD WAS YOU STEALING-" I heard a loud hit against the side of the rowboat, and his face suddenly became furious.

    "DAMN IT KAYU! Don't you see...? Don't I look like somebody to you without glasses!?"

    I didn't understand what he wanted from me...what is his point!?

    "I tried so hard to tell you in the best way I could! The roses back at the waterfall...the Book and the Rose back at my house...! The way I look without my glasses on! C'mon! How many more hints can I give you!?" He was at the point of suffocating, he said all that in one breath!

    "So your glasses never REALLY broke, you were just trying to prove how good looking you looked without them?!" I shot out, understand nothing.

    "NO!' He screamed, suddenly getting up and taking me along with me, "DON'T TOUCH ME!" I pushed him away, tumbling almost off of the Rowboat.

    "Kayu...! I am Rune! Don't you see?! How could you not see that? Once you think about it, it'll all make sense to you!"

    I had to sit down for this one. "And the... the Book and Rose..."

    "I didn't steal it, because well, it's mine. Kayu- It's me. RUNE! Well, younger version."

    It did all make sense once I thought about it! The way Tommy first looked at me when I cried in front of him, the way he looked hurt! The way he always seemed to be there for me...even when I didn't appreciate it as much, or notice. He was there. Helping me the whole time. He tried to tell me before too! When I found the Book and Rose in his room. I'M SUCH AN IDIOT!

    It was all so unbelievable how could...? Rune in the future?

    "Don't give up on me, neither of us."

    He was talking about the same two people.

    "I just- don't want you to get mixed up with Tommy and Rune. Okay? I see it in your eyes- you knew. But at the same time you didn't. The way you looked at me...It was like you were just looking at Rune! Not me!"

    How long...has this bothered Tommy? It must have been hell...All this time, somehow I would always smile if I saw Tommy- it actually made sense why now.

    Did I love both Tommy and Rune then? No, Tommy IS Rune.

    "Please don't give up! Tell me you won't give up!"

    End To Part 16

    Part 17 ~ Loophole

    I didn't plan on giving up that day. And my wait prevailed.

    3 Years Have Passed Since Then.

    Tommy and I were in his backyard playing with Monster, it was a game of fetch. I was 14 now. And Tommy 13. Monster still looked the same, well, I don't know about dog years so I don't know how old he was...

    We ran around playfully and contentedly around his smooth lawn. I've gotten used to Tommy being Rune and everything, it confused me at first. Because Tommy had a completely different personality then Rune...

    "Stop spacing out and catch the Frisbee with your mouth KAYU!!" What did I say? I AM NOT A DOG!

    "I-I'm not a dog Tommy! That's Monster's job!" We both laughed then. And Monster's tail wouldn't stop wagging.

    After the game, me and Tommy sat down on his porch- exhausted. I was fourTEEN finally! That made me a teen! I felt grown up. Though I still looked the same, but my hair grew to about shoulder length- a bit longer, and Tommy stopped wearing his glasses... I gotta say, he looks good without them.

    "How are those contacts Tommy? Don't they hurt?"

    "Nah. You gets used to them after a while..." He said. I've always imagined him lifting up his glasses from his face whenever he said anything, this time he didn't have to. Threw the years I spent with Tommy I grew to understand how important he was to me in the past, he was always there for me. And Nicholas... well, I saw him rarely. Remember when he said he wasn't a Time Traveler? I think he lied.

    "Hey, Kayu? Wanna go on a bike ride?" Tommy had asked, and he'd gotten his very own brand new bike too! Just last year on his birthday. I was sooo jealous.

    "SURE!" I yelled out loud.

    ~ ~ ~

    We rode past Quill's farm, (He'd gotten A LOT more chickens throughout the years) That had made me happy. Quill didn't look a day old, I guess for older people they don't change much...

    It was like a reflex of mine- something I had to do every time I saw the Garden in sight, I stopped on my brakes and just stared at it, the flowers were still there and bountiful as ever. The birds chirping all around the trees...still, there. Still as I remember at age 10...

    "...Wanna go in?" Tommy asked from behind me, making me flinch a bit.

    "H-huh? W-well...I don't know..."

    "C'mon-" He lead me off the bike and held my hand as we walked in, "It's all right. I'm here."

    The sunshine beamed on the both of us as we entered- I had to get my other free hand and block the sunlight from my eyes, it was blinding. But Tommy didn't even flinch.

    "This place is still the same..." He sighed, strolling up to the center while he picked up a flower along the way, I remember how I used to take off my sandals and just dance in the center, I was so happy. So I did that for once. And it felt like I was a little girl again, and Rune would soon come. Yes, he would...

    6 more years left...

    I've always wondered about something though, it always bothered me. If you stay in this Garden for at least 5 minutes, an hour passes in the "real world." So... it would make sense to wait HERE until Rune came back right? It didn't feel right... Rune had once said "Live your life to the fullest." This was just a loophole in his agreement, and I wondered if Tommy would be alright with it.

    Time in the real world just went by so slow, but 3 years have passed, who am I to complain any longer?

    We were in the Garden around 5 minutes- and I stood up and frowned while I looked down at Tommy- half asleep.

    "Let's go... we'll come back another day."

    Tommy smiled, I don't think he was asleep after all... "Good choice."

    Maybe he knew what I was thinking the whole time...?

    "Your wait will prevail Kayu, I know that. And soon you'll see him...well, older version..."

    I nodded my head. I'll go on with life while Tommy was still around - I could do it! Since Tommy was physically Rune. I could live with that, just a little bit longer. . .

    End To Part 17

    Part 18 ~ Changes

    It seemed kind of silly once you thought about it, I mean, I'm waiting around all these years for someone who's already here... But somehow my mind still cant convince myself that. But I know Rune and Tommy are connected.

    3 More Years Passed. . .

    And I was fervent to get to the last year where my new life with Rune will begin. Being 17 I got dumped a lot of responsibilities on me... Mom and Dad grew with age, and they needed some help around the house, when I was a kid, they used to do everything for me. It was my turn now.

    Mom shared the story of Rune with me as if telling me bedtime stories at 17, but it wasn't the sad ones, she told me ones of happiness and nothing else, they made me smile, and I knew Rune wasn't scum for putting a smile on my Mothers face...

    The years did Tommy well, he looked more mature and intelligent than he already was! If that was at all possible- he'd been accepted to plenty of colleges, he didn't even have to work hard at it, I on the other hand worked my butt off! He was only sixteen and already thinking about college... I was a procrastinator on my part.

    I can't believe there's only the small amount of 3 more years left... 365 days sure do pass by quickly.

    * * *

    I went to the Waterfall of Roses with Tommy today, it was a peaceful afternoon and we were both so lively that day.

    He had asked me, "Remember this place? We came here when you were an naive little girl."

    I couldn't argue with that, I was naive if I looked back on it...

    I sighed and closed my eyes, "I know... I remember it like it was yesterday, I'd even assumed you stole Rune's book and everything... it was so silly." Tommy picked up a single rose, with thorny edges at the side, I remembered what the Book had said at that time, "How can any beautiful flower come from a plant burdened with so many sharp thorns?" It was all so beautiful the way he phrased it.

    "There's something I've been meaning to know though..." I started to ask, laughing nervously.

    "What is it?" He asked, with his genuine smile he handed me the rose and I accepted.

    "How did you put up with me back then?" I smirked.

    He laughed. "Not sure... I guess I just thought and hoped one day you would see the truth."

    I giggled, facing my head down to smell the rose, the waterfall flowed serenely, everything was so peaceful it was like a dream.

    So many memories, skipping stones, my daily bike rides that I've grown tired of for some reason... my bike had took a long break just sitting in my garage somewhere, probably dusty with age.

    One foul memory that I couldn't twist out of my mind, that Nicholas...

    From the start, I grew suspicious of him. I assumed, (And I know it was correct) that he wanted to get rid of Rune and replace him in my heart. That would never happen. But he tried everyday, whenever I would see him again. I've grown tired of his games.

    And finally I went to see him after months of separation, the days we've seen each other turned into weeks and so on.

    I couldn't get his demented face out of my head, and I walked to the place where I would always find him, by the Meadow.

    His head had been supporting his arms at the back of his head, he had his eyes shut and looked as if he was sleeping. Just waiting for something.

    "Hey. . ." I said awkwardly, I still held a grudge on him for stealing my first kiss...

    "Wow. You've actually started to show up here again huh?" For once, he gave me a scowl.

    And I sighed, I was pretty sure when there had been a hole in my heart because of Rune we would get along better, that's only because he thought I would forget about him, but I was pretty certain he knew I wasn't giving up, I'll bet everything on it.

    "I can't believe how much your grown..." He pointed out, Nicholas' hadn't looked a day older though... that proved my Time Traveler theory, they don't get old... and here is Nicholas as the day I remembered him.

    We looked at each other coldly for few moments, saying nothing. "Did you lie Nicholas? When you said you weren't a Time Traveler?" I finally asked, sitting down on the smoothed grass with him.

    He leaned closer to see me better, "Why ask me that now?" His face darkened a bit, and I regretted coming here.

    I shrugged with an angered expression, "Dunno. Just a theory. I mean you look the same as you always did, and though you don't disappear as much, I hardly see you anymore..." I looked up at the sun which was giving off rays, which roamed around the Meadow and around us. This scenery would be beautiful if I had shared it with someone else.

    I saw how puzzled my answer had made him, it didn't even look like he was going to respond to me...

    I got up and patted my blouse clean, "If you aren't going to talk... then I'll just be on my way." I threatened. And he made no attempt to want me to stay.

    I understand that jealousy in his eyes though, he had been there for me years years ago, but for the wrong reason. He could never replace Rune nor Tommy...

    Nicholas' jealousy had changed him. He wasn't himself anymore.

    I vowed to myself that this what the last time we'll be seeing each other, because honestly, I couldn't see any reason to coming anymore.

    End To Part 18

    Part 19 ~ When Everything Goes Wrong...

    My nightmare that night was frightening. It felt too real to be a dream, when I awoke with a gasp, my palms were sweaty and so was my forehead, I can't recall the nightmare... I just knew it was terrifying...

    Mom had woke me up, shaking me violently in the middle of the night, screaming my name until I pulled back and recognized her voice and worry.

    I was afraid for my life honestly, they say too much adrenaline rush can kill you... and my heart sped in crazy mode.

    Today was a good day over all, despite the nightmare... I was with Tommy most of the day. We had been to the Water of Roses skipping rocks, and then we visited Lake Drift Away, followed by Quill's farm as the last activity.

    Tommy and I said our good-byes and he headed home for dinner, it was around 8-o'clock when I decided not to go home yet.

    Instead, I pulled my garage door up and got out my forgotten bike, old an rusty by now I assumed, I found it near a cobweb slanted to the side, I cleaned it off for a few minutes and blew off some dust, how could I let it get to this terrible condition?

    The moment I got on it for a ride, I felt like a little eager 10 year old again with no worries, no responsibilities. No nothing. Just me and my promise to Rune.

    . . .

    I rode past Quill's and ahead of the Meadow, racing to the Garden with a half smile on my face, the time was so close... I could almost feel the surge of emotion flow threw me, my cheeks warming up when seeing him once more...

    But those feelings vanished when my eyes darted every part of that miraculous Garden, it was a barren wasteland!

    What had happened?!

    My eyebrows pulled together and I tumbled out of my bike, nearing in tears when my feet had touched this cold... barren place. The fond memory that filled me with happiness was gone... how could such a thing happen?

    How could all the flowers just, disappear?

    "What...on earth happened to Rune's Garden?!" I asked with deep sadness, the flowers couldn't just... wither. The Garden wasn't normal like any others!

    "Rune's Garden?" Scoffed a voice, hiding just behind the tree in the center, I gritted my teeth together and gathered my thoughts, "...Your..."

    The person showed himself, and I felt a sting to my heart.

    I didn't think it was possible to do such a rotten thing here!

    "Nicholas...? Why?" My eyes flickered all around the area- picturing hundreds and thousands flowers looming all around...

    There were none now.

    "I thought it over yesterday when you left me there, and knowing Rune, this place was probably the heart of his hope. He'd come here everyday and see you right?" He looked around with the demented look of his, "I don't think he'll be coming back now..." He snorted, "In fact, I know he won't want to now."

    This was like... Rune's HOME! He'd even told me. But he'll put that aside and still want to see me right? He HAS to! He promised it.

    I couldn't get the right words out, I was beyond it now, words weren't enough to express my anger and foolishness. Is he THIS desperate to get rid of Rune for good?

    This hollow looking place was enough to make me want to cry, I haven't cried in YEARS! Ever since Rune left... "HOW... WHY!?" My words came out in gibberish, I didn't know what I COULD say to him, beside beating him to a pulp! But this was Rune's sanctuary... I couldn't do that...

    "Did you not hear me before? Have you gone deaf over the years?"

    I tried ignoring him, all those memories of the Garden rushed inside my head- as if there was no way of stopping it. While I was 10, I ran to the Garden to meet Rune everyday, dancing even, twirling in the center, that nice feeling I had when my toes would run around in the many kind of flowers, it kind of tickled, the scent of all the different kind of flowers were like a perfume, an aroma.

    It gave me a soft feeling inside. My heart was not broken then, but healed beyond imagination.

    And now...

    My eyes burned with intense hate, revenge, and betrayal from Nicholas. "I'll NEVER, EVER forgive you! SCUM!" I charged at him at the time, deluded on what I was actually trying to attempt, the fear of losing Rune because of this- all my waiting being for nothing... It all hit me at once when I slapped Nicholas across the face, the slap echoed throughout, but I was still not satisfied.

    I dropped to my knees and punched the barren surface, the tears drops drizzling down.

    This was like Hell for me. There was nothing I could do for this Garden now...

    Nicholas continued to speak in my presence, as if never slapped, "The Garden was bound to die sooner or later... it was just sooner." He had said with a smirk. And then I looked up with raging eyes, and he had gone transparent- flowing in the wind that just passed threw.

    I blinked, trying to see clearly from the tears, "He's... gone..." In a flash, Rune's body stood by the tree- I didn't know if it was really him, if he was real or not, or if this was just some sign he wanted to give me, but in that fraction of a second, he had a look of being miserable... I've never see such a deep, grave look in my life... he was looking at me almost as if, Nicholas had been telling the truth all along. . .

    End To Part 19

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    Is it just me or did TommY just get nice? XD
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    lmao uhhhhhhhh SORTA XD
    he DID say 'you look terrible' but then, 'who hurt you!'
    so i guess in a wayy he IS gettin nicer >w< YAY
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    26 / F / In my own little...
    Posted 8/23/09 , edited 8/23/09
    ..... I HAVE A THEORY :DD

    OMG THOUGH!! Ten years is so long .__. I need to see how this ends!!! Does it HAVE to end sad??? I can think of an AWESOME HAPPY ending for you if you want T_____T
    Posted 8/23/09 , edited 8/23/09
    Wellll XD
    i only have thought of a sad ending~ havent thought of a happy one YET D:
    and sure, LEMME SEE YUR THREORY >W<
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    Posted 8/23/09 , edited 8/23/09
    I shall send it in a PM :3
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    Posted 8/23/09 , edited 8/23/09
    Awww, Tommy thinks Rune's a jerk >w<
    He's just jelly ;D
    Posted 8/23/09 , edited 8/23/09
    omg i JUST read yur cmnt >3<
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    Posted 8/23/09 , edited 8/23/09
    XDD Ahaha, that's alright :3
    I get slow LOTSA TIMES XD
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    Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/25/09
    lol "so he wasn't always so mean"
    lol so wait... what my theory was... ARE YOU GOING TO USE THAT?!?!
    Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/25/09
    YESH I AM >=]
    It ish brilliant sooo yea XD
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    Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/25/09
    Aweshum >:D
    Is it still going to be sad though?
    Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/25/09
    LOLZ! XD
    and lmao yu jus got teh 'hint' that imma use it JUST by reading like a sentence wen i updated?? XD
    but yea, STILL got teh same ending, teh theory isnt gonna change the ENDING, MUCH
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    Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/25/09
    Haha that's because I gots amazing detective skill :3
    and dang, still sad >___<
    I'm not sure weather NNS should be happy or sad, or bitter-sweet kinda thing T__T I have a happy ending thought up and a sad ending thought up, and one in between the two but I don't know which to use T___T POLL TIME?? XD
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    Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/25/09
    Awwww he's awkward >w<
    *wink* think he's jelly of Rune? *WINK*
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