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Posted 8/25/09 , edited 8/25/09
That refers to the characters in SW, SW2, SW2: Xtreme Legends, DW5, DW5: Xtreme Legends, DW6, WO, & WO 2.
You can add other moves and/or characters, even pics are allowed as well.
Even the buttons that make them, if you'd like.
Whatever you choose.

My favorite phrase after an officer is K.O.ed by the character:
Hanzo Hattori from Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends.
"A shadow has no shape or figure, and has no weakness."

Character of my favorite Super Musou move:
Zhou Tai (Dynasty Warriors 5)

Favorite Weapon(s) used:
Eastern Sword (Zhou Tai).
(Hanzo Hattori's weapon, cant think at the moment)
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Posted 8/28/09 , edited 8/28/09
Oda Nobunaga:"Kill it. Why do anything else?!"
Oda Nobunaga:"Is that so?"
Super Musou:
Hmm...IDK, Still Oda Nobunaga's and maybe Date Masamune's
Demon Regalia: Oda Nobunaga
Tonbo-giri: Honda Tadakatsu
Gilded Talon: Akechi Mitsuhide
Manhunters: Date Masamune
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Posted 8/28/09 , edited 9/29/09
(there's a list of all quotes in the SW games, don't think I remembered them all by heart XD)

"Honor may not win power, but it wins respect. And respect earns power." (Mitsunari's Dream: Edo Campaign)
"Thank you, My Lady... for clarifying the obvious!
"If you think I need luck, then you clearly underestimate my abilities"
"I am not going to let that stupid, little fat man take the land from me."(about Ieyasu)

"Helping these poor fellas could cost me my life. Ain't I heroic?" (Rescue of Mitsunari)
"Justice, honor, and righteousness will defeat the unjust, dishonorable, and unrighteous. Ha! How do you like my Kanetsugu impression?"

"Too many women . . . so little time . . ." (death quote)

"Hanzo I worry about your obsessions. Is there trouble at home?"
"Kotaro, don't worry. Besides that, everybody loves you, at least I love you!"

Okuni: Oh! You're that ill-tempered boy I heard about. Will you help me carry my treasure home for me?
Masamune: Ill-tempered boy? I'm an ill-tempered man! I mean- AH!

Magoichi: I don't understand you ninjas, always talking about shadows, death...
Hanzo: The shadows will consume your soul.
Magoichi: See? That's what I'm talking about!

Mitsunari: Wow! You are stronger, and more man than I.
Ginchiyo: Thank you... I guess.

Okuni: You're so young and cute. I bet you'd make a great dancer!
Ranmaru: Hey, I am a samurai. Come here and I'll prove it!
Okuni: Oh, and you have a good imagination, too. That's perfect!

Masamune: Argh! Won't you ever shut up about honor, Kanetsugu?! I can hear you even when you're not around! It's like you're in my head!!
Kanetsugu: This is indeed a good sign. If the principles of honor have penetrated even your thick skull... then a world in which honor is revered above all cannot be far behind!
Masamune: Great. A whole country full of Kanetsugus. Just kill me now...!

Nene: Go tell your master to stop being so greedy! There's plenty of Japan to go around! Why can't he learn to share?
Hanzo: Crazy woman...

Tadakatsu Honda: I will destroy everything you throw at me.
Shingen Takeda: What about kittens, Tadakatsu? If I threw those at you, would you kill them as well?

Nene: Good luck Mitsunari!
Mitsunari: If you think I need luck, then you clearly underestimate my abilities.
Nene: Well then, I hope you have no luck at all.

Taigong Wang
Zhen Ji
Da Qiao
Da Ji

All fans (Mitsunari, shingen, qiao sisters, sima yi, zhuge liang)
Taigong Wangs rod and this strange....stone...ball
zhen jis flute
motochikas shamisen
Nos ad zhang hes claws
Inas bow
Da jis pearls
Sanzhangs weapon looks pretty cool too
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Planet Mogo
Posted 8/28/09 , edited 8/28/09
"Sure, being a pirate has its allure, but killing pirates? That's the life for me!"
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Posted 9/7/09 , edited 9/7/09
Phrase from Orochi Warriors:
Rescue of Yue Ying.
Yue Ying: Would you quit babblng and just fight?

Rage Musou moves:
1. Tadakatsu
2. Magoichi
3. Shibata
4. Ina
5. Keiji
6. Dong Zhuo
7. Hanzo
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Posted 3/8/10 , edited 3/8/10
Lu Bu:
"come get some.... i'll stomp you into a bloody mess!"
" step in my way and be crushed!"
"can anybody provide me with a descnrt callenge?!"
"Diao chan dont shed your tears because of them... if they wont listen to your words, then they'll listen to my spear!"
"You Keep sending I'll just keep knocking them down!"
"Rejoice... you will not be in this place for long..."

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Posted 3/22/10 , edited 3/23/10
Mitsunari (when morale is low)
"Are there things that even I can't foresee?"
Posted 4/6/10 , edited 4/6/10
Yukimura Sanada:

My pride shall go down in legend.

Lord mitsunari i have came in the name of honor.

Kanetsugo Naoe:

One for all and all for one and having blissed the land.

i will strike down the foe's on behalf of the heaven.

Mitsunari Ishida:

i wish that lord nagamasa is alive.

i donnot take pride in the life lost today.


Kanetsugo naoe

Yukimura Sanada

Mitsunari Ishida

I am honored to fight along side you

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Posted 4/6/10 , edited 4/6/10
The best speeches IMO come from Da Ji or Taigong Wang, and the most hilarious one come from Zhang He, and Kunoichi
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