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Post Reply [R-T]we need enemy to attact the skool so plz join here to be the bad guys that attack the skool
Posted 1/2/11 , edited 1/3/11

Blackrose5 wrote:

-Hikari_Akuma- wrote:

Age:*smirks* like i would tell you
Student or not a student:student
Reson for attacking the skool:i don't have a reason it just seems like it would be fun the school is so boring with so many ignorant people so why not
Your personality and bio:thats a secret

ur in ^_^ accepted

so when do we get to attack the school?
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Posted 1/3/11 , edited 1/3/11

so when do we get to attack the school?

I'm not really sure coz allowed of Pplz r signed up but dont use this group so I'm condensations of restarting the group so the one who do use this group can find it easy to use coz there some pplz sign up and don't even use it that's y I think odlf starting agen but the pplz that r currently using this site I will save there sign ups so dw
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