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Posted 8/26/09 , edited 8/26/09
The Group Policies(Crunchyroll Rules Apply)


If you are not satisfied with your requests please request specifically explaining what you want.
If you just don't like the outcome there is a Mod request you can choose a different mod to do your request.We don't allow stealing from this group or in this group consequences will occur if actions are made.The Main limit of time for the mods to finish your request is 62 hours after they claimed it.
Bashing etc.

If you are going to bash anything please do not do it in this group if you are going to bash here again consequences will occur if actions are made.

Please do not request about 4 GFX things a day our mods are not active so only a few modz can finish your requests.And there are a group of active members so you can request 3 things a day we'll get back to you ASAP but if its wayy too long and we havent finished your request notify us and we'll get on it but if its like 2 days after you requested depending on our mood we'll decide if its reasonable notifiying us after the time you requested.If it is not reasonable and it constantly happens(5 times)then you will be banned for 1 week and your requests will be deleted.
Maintaining your status

You as a member/requester can lose your status easily if wanted like becoming a MOD or becoming a banned member but the Staff at (E)magination think that the status you have right now is best because you chose that position thinking it fits you best like
member:chose to join group
Staff:chose to help out the group
Banned:doesnt want any part in this group
Non-members:doesnt know about the group or doesnt want any part in it in the beginning

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