Boy Bands, Fandom taking over your LIFE
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Posted 8/27/09 , edited 8/27/09
Its been 4 years since my sister started to show interest in DBSK. slowly as my sister started working and she got her laptop she changed a lot.
As a college student you work and save money but my sister has spent almost half
money buying DBSK stuff. My parents arent happy about it.
On her laptop she is 24/7 joke..
when she wakes up- DBSK
If she has no work the whole day- dbsk
after work- DBSK
She didnt attend a family dinner because she wanted to see dbsk's live performance on
her laptop....she also screamed at 4AM because dbsk took off their shirt during the concert

she has replaced her family with dbsk
she doesnt even hag out with her friends any more.... she stays in her little coop (bed room)
looking at dbsk 24/ that the way to live?
If u talk to her when she is watching some "important" dbsk stufff she gets mad

PLEASE is u have any advice or story to share because
I know its not only my sister (i hope not)

feel free

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Posted 8/27/09 , edited 8/27/09
No personal threads. Or was this your sister's? After all, it's her story..

Anyway, it'd be better if you talk to your sister about that. Tell her to minimize her fangirling activities and that there's more to life than DBSK. hahaha lol.

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