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SO try to introduce yourself don't be shy!!
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Okay! I'll introduce myself! I'm CherrimMew I like rabbits a lot! I let my buddies call me Usagi! I have many bunny pictures cause their so cute! my most favorite animal is bunny! sometimes I pretend to be a rabbit cause I hop and jump! I wear my bunny ears headband and sniff-sniff-sniff cause sometimes rabbits always smell things!
Can't add pictures cause their too many! and I already uploaded them in our group! others are already uploaded by others so that's all! I hope I will be a good member of this group! (And I want to be a mod! It's okay if I can't be!) hope all will be happy!
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my nickname is bunny or reni. i got that because whenever i would play an rpg i would be a bunny since it is my favorite animal. they are so cute.

here r my me bunny pics
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