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Posted 8/28/09 , edited 8/29/09
fuck sake, im tired of it. And now its time to complain cuz i cant hold out any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all let me tell you this, I only subscribe here to support the whole 'streaming from japan stuff'.
Because the idea is great, and it would be bad if there would only be few subscribers, then japan would
not be interested in doing these streams. So I decided to help out with this aswell getting a premium membership.

On rare occasions, besides watching naruto every week. I like to watch some other anime that for example is behind on my personal schedual and I while downloading the normal episodes from tokyotosho or some other place I like to get started and just watch them on crunchyroll.

But here comes the complaint, every f*cking time I want to watch some anime on this website it says its NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR REGION. and this is getting EXTREMELY on my NERVES!!!!!!!!!!

Cuz im not american, im from holland, and im guessing the owner of this site and the majority of users probably are american aswell you guys dont really get this problem cuz probably everything is available to watch for you americans. but im also paying for it, and I DONT WANT TO GET THE REGION BULLCRAP EVERY FCKING TIME!

now PLEASE do me a favor and actualy start fixing it FOR GOD SAKE. ive been a premium member ever since it started on CR, and ive hit many anime series with this region stuff. Right now, I'm trying to watch Hanasakeru Seishounen because m.3.3.w stopped subbing after episode 11 and so far no other groups picked it up.
SO for me, these RARE occasions I turn to CR to watch it, if its on CR afcourse. but then I GET THE REGION CRAP AGAIN AND AGAIN, everytime I want to use CR for something other then SHIPPUUDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you see my frustration on this matter, and fcking fix it cuz duuuuuuuuude im dyinggggg out of agony.
Posted 8/28/09 , edited 8/29/09
Majority can't watch all videos in cr, including me. Read through the news section and you'll know the reasons.

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