Post Reply [CONTEST] Avii
Posted 8/29/09 , edited 8/29/09
this comp has not started,if u wan to enter the comp fill in this:

name:(for those who wan to be mod if won 1st)
do u wan to be a mod if u won:(yes or no)(if yes u will become mod if u won or i vote for ur avi atuamatically)
used animation?:
pic:(of the avi)

these r the rules:

the theme is shugo miracle plz use a shugo chara pic that is something about miracles
u can use as many decoreation u wan but i shouldn't be FULL until u can't see the main person/thing of the pic.
u can post as many avi but fill the form for each one u make.
the size should be 200x600 so it looks fine.
follow all rule above.

i will pick 6 out of all for the voting.
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