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Posted 8/29/09 , edited 8/30/09
Hi there Nagihiko Fans that want to try this out.There are TWO fill outs.You can fill out both if you want.One is applying as mod and being active.The second one is making graphics.I am the only one right now making graphics.Hope you want to be a mod and worthy of helping us here!

Applying As A MOD:
How Long Are You On:
Why Do you Think you should be a Mod:(At Leat THREE Reasons)
How Can You Help:

Applying As A DESIGNER:
What Program(s) Do You Use:
Are You A Mod In Any Groups:
How Long Are You On:
Why Do You Think You Should Be A Mod:(At Least THREE Reasons)
How Can You Help:
Your Graphics:(Up To TEN Or LESS.At Least 3 avis or more,2 banner/divider)(IN SPOILERS)
Editing Test:

Don't be Upset that we rejected you but you can always approve and make it really good!I hope you fill it out and help us with it!

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