Post Reply What Do you Think Of Len?
Posted 8/30/09 , edited 8/31/09
Is Len:~

*Your type of guy

Or etc...............

What do you think of him?
Posted 8/31/09 , edited 8/31/09
Len is Len...I love everything about him!!
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Posted 9/9/09 , edited 9/9/09
Hmmmmmm........... What do I think of Len? .....................
- I think he's a great musician
- cute
- dreamy

Len's got everything a girl could want! That's why every girl loves him! ^_^
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Posted 9/17/09 , edited 9/18/09
because Len is so cool and I love a guy with a violin.. Len is so totally my type.. hey long time no posting forum in here.
Posted 3/18/10 , edited 3/19/10
He's a great musician that what i think of him
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Posted 7/4/10 , edited 7/4/10
all of the above
but best of all he's a great violinist
talk about being prodigy, I envy him!!!
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