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Hatsune Miku Live Concert
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Posted 9/19/11 , edited 9/19/11
ugh dis shyt doesnt happen in PA
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Posted 10/22/11 , edited 10/22/11
Aww mannn, I wish I couldve gone to the concert in Cali,
I was soo close to going but I didnt have enough cash :C
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Posted 11/8/11 , edited 11/8/11
Don't know if this is any consolation for those who were not able to go to "Mikunopolis" this past summer in LA, but there are planned special screenings of the DVD release of the concert in Sapporo in several cities across the US and I think in other parts of the world too. It takes place this coming Thursday, November 10th in 3 cities on the West coast, 3 cities on the East coast, one in the Midwest (Chicago) and one in the South (Houston). This is a screening of the August 2011 concert.

Not exactly the same as a "live" concert with actual musicians and all, but it is still Miku on the giant big screen in HD with surround sound...etc... so in some ways it might actually be better than the actual concert (supposedly no bad viewing angles or witnessing other technical difficulties do to having a bad seat).

For more info here is the link:
And here is the list of cities showing it and the theaters it's playing at:

Supposedly it's being marketed as a special exclusive or "secret" event....meaning you have to get the tickets through the link above 'cuz they probably won't be selling them at the theater. It's $20, but for a special screening of a pre release of a DVD a week before anybody else gets to see it, and on the big screen in full HD & surround sound? Sounds like a blast. Get a ticket while you can if you're able to make it to one of the cities listed on that day before they probably sell out.

EDIT: if anyone is going to the one in Houston, please PLEASE PLEEEAASSEE I wanna see some more cosplay action. More Miku, more Rin, more.....ZATSUNE MIKU!!!! I hereby summon Zatsune Miku cosplayers to come! I wanna take lots of pics before and after the show.
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Posted 9/27/12 , edited 9/27/12
OP nuked.

Feel free to recreate.

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