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Please consider that you first need to intodruce your character in the characters treat!! You have to invent a new character, but can play any charcters from the old series. ( Seed n 00)

The story is set after Gundam Seed Destiny and Gundam 00 Second season! The crew of the ptolomey went to jupiter to face their destiny! BUt what they found there was a great whole in space, connection two universe with the other! Was it that what Aoelia has found out and was it that, why he wanted to perpare earth? At the same time some Zaft fleets found out about the other whole in universe and prepare their ships to enter it.....

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" Sir...there are suddenly ship at my screen!", one of the officers said. It was a united union ship. Those ships who belonged to the cooperation of federation, a laws and the no more excisting Kataron.

" There are more than 20 ships!", Lera lee said sitting next to the captain opening a card of the stars, " Its next to jupiter!" Lera lee was lost in thoughts, isn´t that the location the celestial being crew went too? What did that mean.

" JUpitEr?", the Colonel said, " Captain Yori, inform the concil and set our course there!"

"Kathhhhy~!", a weird voice said from aside," We can not just go to...!"

Kathy Mannequine glared at Patrick and he stopped to talk immediatly. Lera lee couldn´t hide a grin, it was always like that with themn, even if they are married.

" Yes mam!"; lera lee said and typed the calculated course into the ships computer.
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