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You know how it works!

What universe he/she belongs to:
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Character of oo

Name: Lera-lee Yori
Age: 16
Past: An innovates! The one created by aoelia and mixed up with the normal human race. Her parents, close friends to wang liu mei, bought her as she was an baby. Strongly influenced by wang liu mei. Though the fact that she looked weird with her hair coloure, she was loved by everone she knows. As Cb appeared for the first time she was only 8 years old, with 12 she lost her parents, caused by ribbons almark who wanted to get rid of everyone who obviously supports Celestial being. She never had a clue, why they brought her to A+laws and made her join the army, but she did. Learning how to pilot a suit, but never allowed to join any fight. Ribbons always told her to be in use for something else, while that never happend. she hated ribbons more than everything in the world, but she never had the power to do anything against it.
Universe: Gundam OO/ Badly a laws...=_=
Character: A caring person, shy but a strong will to speak out what she thinks inthe weirdest moments. Totaly underestimated and can not see what she is capable off.

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