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Fill out this form to RP and sing as your character!

Singer, Group or Band:
Group/Band Name(only if ur in one):


Btw, if your in a band/group please specify your position eg vocalist, guitarist, back up singer, dancer, drummer etc.
If you want to join a band quote their post and ask them, and wait for their approval.

Name: Aikou + Airi Sakagawa
Age: 16
Singer, Group or Band: Group
Group/Band Name: Sakura + STARLIGHT
Personality: Sweet, bubbly, happy, cute, confident/Cool, collected, calm, mature, tough
Bio: Aikou got into singing through her school's choir, and decided she wanted to in a big group and make lots of friends and sing. Her mother and father died when she was 10, so she wants to become famous to make them proud. She loves the audience and all of her friends, and says anyone is welcome into her group. Airi is her twin sister, who although being the younger one, is much more responible and sensible, but can sing just as well.
Pic: Aikou
Aikou: Lead Singer 1 and Dancer
Airi: Lead Singer 2 and Dancer
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Name: Tsukiyomi Shiki, Senri and Kanda
Singer, Group or Band: Band
Shiki-lead singer
Group/Band Name(only if ur in one): Tsukiyomi
Shiki: Calm, laid back, friendly
Senri: Playful, funny, caring
Kanda: Mysterious, cares only about his bros, and laid back
Bio: Shiki, Senri and Kanda are all triplets. They have a passion for music. That's why they decided to make a band. They have friends working with them too. In school, many girls tail after them, wanting their attention.
Kanda: Purple hair
Shiki: Blue hair
Senri: Long, blond-orange hair.
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Name: Amane Kuri
Singer, Group or Band: singer
Group/Band Name(only if ur in one):
Personality: Kind of quite except when she's on stage then she can sing her heart out. Loves people and her fans the most.
Bio: A talented girl that was born into a family of j-pop stars and j-rockers. Her father is a famous j-rocker and her mother was part of a j-pop group when she was a teenager. Kuri loves to sing and dance and make her fans happy. She always has a smile on her face despite her quite personality. Her boyfriend is also a singer part of a very popular all boy j-pop group called, SNAP!
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Name: Hime and Ren Ichikawa
Hime: 15
Ren: 16
Singer, Group or Band: Group
Group/Band Name(only if ur in one): FACE
Hime: Lead Vocalist
Ren: Background instrumentalist (can play anything)
Hime: Shy, curious, friendly, and caring for the people she knows and the environment around her, she is also a very cared girl when it comes to the things that she hates.
Ren: Laid back, protective of his sister, he is friendly, but also can be serious when he needs to be.
Bio: These two are brother and sister. They look nothing alike, so no one can tell. Both their parents were famous in this industry so the off spring followed in their footsteps. They go to a normal high school, although Hime got bullied, and Ren is the center of attention for his looks. Ren has studied music since he was 4. Learning all of the instruments that came to head. Hime tried instruments but it wasn't her thing, so she switched to singing instead. They created a group and are still hoping that they will one day be able to play something with another band as well.


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22 / F / PWI - Lost City
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Name ~ Mizu and Tsuki Amu
Mizu ~ 13 ~ instrumentalist , back up vocal
Tsuki ~ 12 ~ lead vocal, instrumentalist (both can play anything)
Singer, Group or Band ~ group
Group/Band Name(only if ur in one) ~ Moonlit Butterflyz
Personality ~
Mizu ~ Organised and logical, Mizu is the one who acts as their band's manger and takes care of Tsuki, she is usually the onw ho is swamped with fans everytime she walks outside. Mizu is an average student with talent in ball sports and swimming, she also excels in drama.
Tsuki ~ Carefree and playful, yet concealing a mysterious and calm side, Tsuki is forced to act as the hyperactive one in the band, an orphan since the age of 2 she has learnt how to survive alone, she avoids attention she usually while Mizu is being killed by fans, Tsuki usually avoids the crowd and waits. Tsuki is a child prodigy with talent in art and gymnastics, Tsuki is also at least a black belt in 5 practices of martial arts.
Bio ~ These two are not sisters because while Tsuki is an orphan, Mizu still has her parents, at school Tsuki is usually bullied by other girls and is protected by Mizu, though Mizu encourages her to fight against them, Tsuki is afraid that she'll hurt them if she did fight. Both studied music since they were 3 and that is how they became to be the best of friends and how they know how to play every instrument there is.
Pic ~ Ill upload these when my other laptop is fixed.......this is a loaner from school and NOTHING is on it.
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