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Posted 9/1/09 , edited 9/2/09
Spells are attacks that mamodos have which are activated when their partner
reads a spell from the mamodos book, the level and strength of the spell is usually
defined by the order in which he "unlocked" or "discovered" the spell.
eg. spell 5 is the middle level spell for most people,

Spells in this RP will be decided like this.
because some mamodos have many spells while some don't have as much
we will allow up to 8 spells, all newcoming mamodos will be given their first spell for free.
after that you will have to buy your second spell which is in the form of a spell scroll,
which will be given once you've reached a certain number of MP (Mamodo Points)
Then once you've reached a certain MP you'll level up to Spell Level 2 and be allowed to use your second spell.
eg. Mamodo Point = 0 = Spell Level = 1
Mamodo Point = 500 = Spell Level = 2

I believe this way we will have some equality to the fights but also
have variety with already made mamodos like zatch who has 14 spells or brago with 22 spells or even those with less spells but unique powers like mamon who can sense mamodos but has less spells
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