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name lady
age 15
histroy-she really doesnt know she 4got after she got beat ral bad from her dad but the one thing she knows she kiled her mother n then her dad went crzy got all depressed n now he in the nut house

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Posted 9/8/09 , edited 9/8/09
Name: Kikuko
Age: 2000
Gender: Zombie
Appearnce: Pic Seems It
Power: High-Speed...Zombies Eyes...Hide...Fast Reaction
Weapons: Sharp Sword
Desire: Revenge

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Posted 9/27/09 , edited 9/27/09
Name: Akira
Age: secret
Gender: Demon Vampire
Abilities: High-Speed, Imitate other powers, invincible, hypnotize ppl with my eyes, control human, using gun and sword
Ambition: is to kill someone who destroyed me and made me became a killer

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name: Kisa
age: 17
history: dark and secret. doesnt know
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Name : Dimee
Gender : a half vampire n a half zombie
History : Dimee is a girl who was found in a dark place in a lost village ,, no 1 knows her age or her origin ,, she seems to be calm,cold n she pefer to spend her time sleeping ,, if anyone annoys her she could be very evil ,, she enjoy killing n torturing others very much n she adores drinking blood ,, that's why she's often alone ,,

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