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Unlike my previous stories, I wrote this is smaller sections so there's a few. I'll try to finish them as quickly as possible. Also, the mini section titles are based on songs from soundtracks of some anime, I wonder if you guys can figure them out.
~ dmitrivalentine
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SALIGIA's Past: Still Doll Part 1 ~ Destiny Awaits

"Ah, Captain Daniel, congradulations," congradulated Noel*, Elder God Eon's Guardian Angel.
"Why thank you," replied Daniel.
It was the day Egrigori Multi-Dimensional Expedition, or EM-DE, would begin. Daniel had been chosen to command Egrigori's flagship, Azazel's Ruby Kilsein.
Daniel was attending a going away party for Egrigori and the ARK's crew, hosted by the Archangels. Daniel was there with his aide, Mel.
"That reminds me," said Noel. She took out a blank journal and gave it to Daniel.
"What's this for?" asked Daniel.
"A journal to record your journey. Elder God L'rac'magi suggested it."
"Okay. Thanks."
Daniel pocketed the journal. He was then forced to dance by the drunken Bezaliel, an Egrigori.
In the corner of the room, Archangel Uriel was with Araqiel, a friend of Uriel; and Shamsiel, a former aide to Uriel and a former guardian for Project EDEN.
"Shame you aren't coming along," said Shamsiel. "You worked so hard to have the ARK commissioned and then Elder God Rotaru took it."
"I think Azazel had more of a hand in this than Rotaru," commented Uriel.
"Speak of the devil," muttered Araqiel.
The doors to the room opened. Azazel, second-in-command of Egrigori, walked in with two members of Thorns: Barrel and Nathaniel.
Azazel was officially the second-in-command of Egrigori but unofficially held more power than Egrigori's leader, Samyaza, an old friend of Archangel Azriel. Recently Azazel and Barrel had been working on a secret project. Rumors had it that Azazel had a second objective for the EM-DE other than just exploration of new realms.
"I've never liked Azazel," said Uriel. "He's never been one to take second."
"Think he'll pull something?" asked Araqiel.
"Probably. Shamsiel, promise me something."
"Anything," agreed Shamsiel.
"I want you to promise me that regardless of what happens, you'll stay loyal to Atlantis."
"Don't worry, I'll never betray you."
"I hope so."

* Before any of you start complaining that I brought in another angel from the Bible, please don't. I only used Noel because the letters E O N plus an L for Eon's Guardian Angel would either give me Onel or Noel. I went with Noel obviously
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SALIGIA's Past: Still Doll Part 2 ~ Another Dimension

The next day after departing, Egrigori sent word of finding a realm between Atlantis and the Mystic Realm that would be perfect for colonization. Azazel had named the realm Mu.
The duty to manage the construction of a colony would have befallen onto Elder God Rosalina but ever since Gadriel accidently deformed her face, Rosalina had refused to leave her domain. Crowned Archangel Adama Evel took command. He put angels Yaduri and Thorns' leader, Dominel, in charge of construction. Thanks to hired labor from the Mystic Realm, Project EDEN was able to construct the Swawns Colony. Put in charge of security was Thorns.
Fifty-three days after they had left, Azazel's Ruby Kilsein returned. To Adama Evel's dismay, it had been serverely damaged. It had been revealed by Rotaru that they had been attacked at a realm Azazel had named Anima Lucia by the local settiments.

"Daniel, over here!" shouted Marcel.
Daniel ran over to Marchel, the Thorn who was acting director of the Swawns Colony.
"Good to see you again," greeted Daniel as he ran over to Marcel. "Swawns is coming along nicely."
"Sure is. You know Elder God Andi, right?"
Daniel frowned. "Yeah, I know him. I'm his Guardian Angel."
"Well, I just recieved word that Rotaru and an angel named Danziel are transferring off the expedition. Andi is replacing."
Daniel groaned. He hated Andi.
Daniel noticed something. "I'll catch you later," he said to Marcel.
Marcel walked off to talk to Baraqel, an Egrigori. Daniel, having spotted Azazel, tailed him. Finally, Azazel stopped in front of the castle on top of the Swawns Colony.
"You're late," said a voice.
Barrel exited from the main gates of the castle. With him were his twin Akirael and colleague Nathaniel, plus Barrel's new assistant, Yusel.
"I am never late," joked Azazel, "I come when I, and only I, want to."
"Same old Azazel," sighed Nathaniel.
"So what is it you brought me?" asked Barrel.
Azazel took out a vial of blood from his sleeve.
"This is a sample of blood of the Kim-un-Kurs from Anima Lucia," informed Azazel, "It may prove useful later."
Barrel pocketed the vial. "Thanks."
"When is the ARK taking off?" asked Akirael.
"In two days," answered Azazel. He grinned. "Two days before the dominos begin to fall."
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SALIGIA's Past: Still Doll Part 3 ~ Devil Created

After the ARK left again, Elder Gods Eon, Yardas, and Darmadia organized the Shadow Imperium. The Shadow Imperium would be a line of defense for Atlantis.
Having been working hard, Dominel allowed Thorns to relax for the day. They decided to spend their free time at the Swawn's amusement park, Hell's Carnival.
Around noon, the Thorns went to find the food court. Currently there were all of Thorns except Marcel: Flamel, Carmel, Barrel, Muriel, Dominel, A'Ciel, Nathaniel, and Sara O'Niel, Rosalina's Guardian Angel. Gel, a friend of Carmel, ran over to them.
"The EM-DE has returned!" shouted Gel.
"That's good news," said Sara O'Niel.
"Not really. Apparently Egrigori revolted against Andi or something. Andi, the captain, the lieutenant, and a lot of the crew are dead."
Carmel gasped. "Oh my god."
"What happened?" asked Muriel.
"We don't know," answered Gel. "Elder Gods Ppelono and Eleison are interrogating Samyaza as we speak."

Two hours later, Nathaniel walked into the dungeons. Using Marcel's key, he entered the cell that Azazel was being kept in.
Azazel continued to stare at the wall. "So?"
"The Elder Gods have decided to banish all of you," informed Nathaniel. "All of you will be transported in the ARK to an isolated prison by Noel." Nathaniel paused. "This will be the last time we will see each other as friends. Goodbye, Azazel."
As Nathaniel was leaving, Azazel spoke up. "I've decided to abandon the name Azazel."
Nathaniel stopped. "So what should I call you?"
"Easy. I got it when I read Pererun's copy of Eon's Epitaph of the Holy Lord. From now on, I shall be called Draethius. Draethius the Demon Lord."

The next day, Thorns attended an opera at the colony's operahouse. The lead singer was Carmel, with Gel as backup.
Greel entered the box Thorns was seated in. He as an angel who had attempted to steal from Rosalina but was caught by Sara O'Niel and Dominel. He had been punished and forced to work for Thorns.
Greel whispered something in Dominel's ear before leaving.
"What is it?" asked Muriel, noticing Dominel's expression."
"It's a message from Brit in Atlantis," said Dominel. "Noel is dead. Egrigori escaped in the ARK."
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SALIGIA's Past: Still Doll Part 4 ~ Twisted Tension

Ten years past since Egrigori escaped custody and fled. Since then, their whereabouts were unknown.
Worse, a growing cult had been brewing in the Mystic Realm. After the Shadow Imperium captured and interrogated a demon named Rac Cheruna, it was revealed that the cult was called the Fallen Order. The Shadow Imperium countlessly failed many times to neutralize the Fallen Order.
Barrel and Nathaniel entered the Swawns Colony command center, El Mandeto, the castle's tallest tower. Inside wee Marcel, A'Ciel, Dominel, and Michael.
"Another enemy Leonardo-class Kilsein appeared in the Mu," reported A'Ciel.
"And like the other six, it's not attacking," added Marcel.
"Could the fleet be preparing for an attack?" wondered Nathaniel.
"Probably," agreed Michael. "Adama Evel is massing a fleet in Atlantis."
"What I want to know is how these unknown people obtained Leonardo-class and Dominic-class Kilseins."
"My guess is Egrigori," guessed Barrel.
"It may be premature but we should get the kiilseins we have here prepped just in case," said Marcel. "Dominel, Michael, take control of the fleet until Adama Evel returns."
"Understood," acknowledged Dominel and Michael.
Dominel used his Right Hand of God ability to transport himself and Michael to a Dominic-class kilsein called Dominique.
"Now what?" asked Nathaniel.
"Now we wait," said Barrel.
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SALIGIA's Past: Still Doll Part 5 ~ For the Reunion

At Atlantis, the fleet had been neutralized. Adama Evel walked into the cargo hold of Vida-class kilsein called Messiah with the kilsein's captain, Akirael. Using a system of resonating crystals, a holographic image of Barrel appeared.
"You said you found something that could peak my interest," said Adama Evel.
"That is correct," said Barrel. "You see, A'Ciel found a way to make copies of herself, Nobodies if you will, by disorienting time a little bit using The Oracle that L'rac'magi owns. I thought I'd try to use it to make a person travel in time. A set of twins in fact. Well, when they came to me, I discovered that one was a fake."
"I'm not following."
"The twins had morphed together into one body. The combined Nobodies also formed an existence I've named Evan Nigel. He has angelic abilities similiar to your own. Use him well."
The image of Barrel vanished. An angel in a Crowned Archangel uniform walked into view.
"Why is he wearing my uniform?" asked Adama Evel.
Suddenly Adama Evel felt a sharp pain in his back. He realized Akirael had stabbed him.
"You..." muttered Adama Evel.
"Unlike my brother, I can see the bigger picture," said Akirael. "Soon Egrigori will invade the Shadow Imperium. Since the three Elder Gods in charge are off on a peace conference with Lemures' king, Draco Drauest, the only threat left are the Archangels. If I replace you with Evan Nigel here, he can order them not to interfere."
"You'll never get away with this."
"I already have."
Adama Evel collapsed and died. Evan Nigel stabbed Akirael in the shoulder.
"You are not my master," said Evan Nigel. "I shall do what I wish. Since you're my creator's brother, I'll spare you're life. Since I'm the new Crowned Archangel, I am relieving you of command of this kilsein."
"Damn you," cursed Akirael.
Evan Nigel left the cargo hold. When he reached the command bridge, he lied that an Egrigori had snuck into the cargo hold and killed Evan Nigel and injured Akirael, whom couldn't perform his duty as captain due to his injury. He also lied that Adama Evel had named him the new Crowned Archangel. Yaduri was made the new captain of Messiah.
"Get us to the Mu, Lord Yaduri," said Evan Nigel.
"Not so fast," said a jolly voice.
Entering the command bridge was Eon.
"Good thing I left earlier," said Eon. "I'll take command."
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SALIGIA's Past: Still Doll Part 6 ~ Fight or Flight

The fleet arrived at the Mu. Eon quickly established command and organized a defensive strategy if needed.
"Any communications with the unknown fleet?" asked Eon.
"None," informed Marcel.
"Five more enemy Dominic-class kilsein!" reported Ariel, an angel ensign.
"How many all together?" asked Yaduri.
"Almost sixty."
"Verse our ninty," said Marcel with confidence.
"Where are my Archangels?" asked Evan Nigel.
"Michael is with Dominel aboard Dominique. Raphael is aboard Vida-class Sweet Temptation. Gabriel is aboard Messenger. Azriel is aboard Widowmaker. Uriel.. he's some where in Swawns still."
Eon thought for a moment. "Have Messenger-"
"A Lucius-class kilsein has just entered the Mu behind the enemy fleet!" exclaimed Ariel.
Everyone's faces went grim. The Lucius-class was a kilsein twice the size of a Dominic-class or a Leonardo-class. Only one was left in existence: Azazel's Ruby Kilsein.
"So Egrigori is behind this," growled Michael from his hologram.
A crsytal resonated and an image of Draethius appeared.
"Azazel!" spat Eon.
"Such anger doesn't suit you, Eon," mocked Draethius. "And I go by Draethius now."
"I'll crush this defiance against the gods."
"You're just a politician."
"Don't underestimate me."
"Same to you." He paused for a moment. "You're one for talk instead of fighting. Let's prevent a wave of bloodshed. How about we discuss your surrender?"
"It will be you who will surrender."
Draethius last his devilish grin. "So be it."
Draethius' hologram vanished.

Aboard Samyaza's flagaship, Samyaza was with Armaros, an Egrigori, on the command bridge. A ghostly image of Draethius appeared.
"They have chosen death," said Draethius.
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SALIGIA's Past: Still Doll Part 7 ~ Tactics of Absolute

Almost instantly, Egrigori's fleet attacked. Eon's fleet quickly scrambled to counter.
"Messenger, Zein's Luck, stop that enemy kilsein from pinning down the Retribution," ordered Eon.
"Widowmaker is closer," noted Marcel.
"Fine. Have Azriel go instead of Gabriel."
Marcell relayed the orders to Azriel and the captain of Zein's Luck.
"Eon, a swarm of Ashton-class fighters are approaching the colony," reported Nathaniel.
"Have Dominique and Savior intercept," ordered Eon.
"Savior has been destroyed."
A hologram of Dominel appeared. "Roger. Also, whre are Barrel and A'Ciel?"
"They said they'd meet up with you," commented Nathaniel.
"Haven't seen them."
"We'll deal with them later," said Eon, "go stop those enemy fighters."

Dominel and Michael were organizing the gunners but some of the enemy Ashtons were evading the fire.
"Have Flamel get her squadron take the remaining Ashton," ordered Dominel.
"Roger," acknowledged Greel who repeated the orders to Flamel.
An enemy Ashton sped towards Dominique's command bridge.
"Create a barrier!" shouted Michael.
As the Ashton neared, Muriel ran onto the top of the bridge. She took out a giant fan and blew the fighter away. It flung out of control and crashed into the hull of Messiah.
"Watch it, Muriel," warned Dominel.

From Widowmaker's command bridge, Azriel and the kilsein's captain, Brittel, nicknamed Brit, watched Retribution explode.
"Ahahahahaha!" laughed Baraqel, the enemy kilsein Aethiest's captain, on the radio.
"Fool," said Azriel.
Azriel ordered all of Zein's Luck and Widowmaker's guns to fire on Aethiest. In a matter of moments, the enemy kilsein was destroyed.
"Good job," Brit congradulated the gunners.
"Nearby enemy Leonardo-class is hailing us," reported an angel.
"Answer it," ordered Azriel.
A hologram of Samyaza appeared.
"Azriel," said Samyaza, "we need to talk."
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SALIGIA's Past: Still Doll Part 8 ~ A Stray Child

Azriel took an Ashton to Samyaza's flagship. Samyaza, along with Armaros, was waiting in the docking bay.
"Hello, my friend," greeted Samyaza.
"Enough with the pleasantries," snapped Azriel. "What do you want?"
Armaros snapped his fingers. An enchantment binded Azriel to the floor.
"You fell for our trap," laughed Armaros.
Samyaza unsheathed his sword.
"Forgive my betrayal," apologized Samyaza.
Samyaza decapitated Armaros. The binding spell faded, freeing Azriel.
"Azazel has snapped," said Samyaza. "Only Bezaliel and Sariel remain loyal to me. Azazel must be stopped."
"What is he planning?"
"Azazel isn't on the ARK. He has a spy at Swawns who's going to let him in. He and his team are going to assassinate Elder God Eon."
"What's the spy's name?"
"Her name is..."

"Ariel," greeted Draethius.
Draethius greeted Ariel in the Swawns hangar. With Draethius were Araqiel, Gadriel, Shamsiel, Pererun, and Chazaqiel.
"Good to see you, master," greeted Ariel, showing a tatoo of the Fallen Order insignia.
"Help Chazaqiel take the 'Package' out of the back of my Ashton," commanded Draethius.
Ariel and Chazaqiel took out a metallic cylinder.
"Let's go," said Draethius.
"Not so fast," declared a voice.
Uriel walked into the hangar.
"Araqiel, Shamsiel, take care of Uriel," ordered Draethius. "The rest of you with me."
Draethius, Gadriel, Chazaqiel, Pererun, and Ariel left the hangar. Araqiel and Shamsiel got into a stance.
"Are you ready?" edged Uriel, taking out his sword.
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SALIGIA's Past: Still Doll Part 9 ~ Struggle of Zero

Zein's Luck exploded between Widowmaker and Samyaza's flagship. Aiding Azriel and Samyaza were Sariel and Bezaliel's ships.
Azriel had attempted to warn the Swawns Colony but communications were down. Brit continued to try.
"We're losing kilseins and fast," reported Brit.
"It's Kokabiel," explained Samyaza's hologram. " Before Falling, he had been taught necromancy by Isosoplis. He has an almost endless supply of soldiers."
"And where is he?" asked Azriel.
"Azazel's Ruby Kilsein."

Draethius and his group took a shortcut through the operahouse.
"Seems quiet," commented Pererun.
Suddenly a chain wrapped around Chazaqiel's neck and strung him on the ceiling, breaking his neck.
"Gadriel, Pererun, you know what to do," said Draethius.
Draethius and Ariel exited the operahouse. Gadriel and Pererun stayed behind. The curtain slid open to show Carmel and Gel.
"Some ugly men have entered my operahouse," complained Carmel.
"I am not ugly!" protested Gadriel. "I am a master of cosmetics."
Carmel flicked her whip. It wrapped around Pererun's leg and flung him into a wall.
"Let's make a bet," challenged Gadriel. "If I win, my beauty is superior. If you win, your's is."
"Deal," agreed Carmel.
Carmel struck her whip. Gadriel flew out of harms way. In midflight, he was attacked again. Luckily he dodged the whip.
"So unelegant," insulted Gadriel.
Carmel used her whip to fling chairs at Gadriel. At first, Gadriel simply dodged them but that got tiring so he used his sword to slash the chairs in half.
"Let's bring some color to this place," taunted Gadriel.
Gadriel threw a ball onto the ground. A cloud of powder flooded the operahouse, blinding Carmel.
"Behind you!" shouted Gadriel.
Carmel twirled around. She then realized she had been tricked. Gadriel kicked her to the ground.
As the powder cleared, Carmel stared into Gadriel's eyes.
"You know, you have pretty eyes," commented Carmel, making a motion with her hand.
"Really?" asked Gadriel, blushing.
Gel jumped down and stabbed Gadriel.
"I am the diva of this operahouse," said Carmel, "No one is more beautiful than I."
Gadriel died.
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SALIGIA's Past: Still Doll Part 10 ~ The World in Ruins

The bow of Samyaza's flagship exploded. The crew began to evacuate. Samyaza transfered to Widowmaker. Eon's fleet was clumping together.
"We need to scatter," suggested Flamel.
"Yeah," agreed Bezaliel.
Everyone stared in horror as the Swawns Colony exploded. Sariel's ship was caught in the inferno and was incinerated.
"Eon!" screamed Dominel.
From the inferno emerged several sections of the colony like Hell's Carnival and the operahouse. And most importantly: the castle along with El Mandeto.
"Thank god," sighed Yaduri.

The smoke cleared out of El Mandeto. Nathaniel realized that Eon had saved him.
"How's Marcel?" asked Nathaniel.
Eon grimmly pointed to a body in the corner. Marcel was dead.
"Looks like Ariel went out with a bang," snickered a voice.
Draethius came into view. Unbeknownst to Ariel, the 'Package' had been a sort of bomb he had stolen from a realm during the EM-DE. He rigged it to blow when Ariel reache dthe center of Swawns.
"Ready to surrender?" mocked Draethius.
"You!" exclaimed Eon.
Draethius took out out Xanxus and threw a dagger at Eon. Nathaniel instinctively intercepted the dagger with his body. Nathaniel managed a step towards Draethius with his hands out before collapsing, dead.
"N-No..." muttered Draethius. "He wasn't suppose to die." Draethius stared darkly at Eon. "It's all your fault!"
Draethius charged at Eon. Eon materialized a seal, surrounding them both.
"I can see that with my weakened state that I cannot beat you," said Eon. "Instead, I'm going to seal your soul in the Death Dimension using my own life force."
"Impossible," countered Draethius. "You can't without something to act as a medium."
"And I have one. My Epitaph of the Holy Lord. It shall be the source of your entrapment."
Time froze all around them. Only Draethius was not frozen but he was stuck at his stop due to Eon's seal.
A hooded figure teleported into El Mandeto.
"Preparations are complete," notified the figure.
"Then your plans to kill Holy Lord are underway," said Draethius. "I am glad to be of service... Your Majesty."
The figure teleported to the Mystic Realm and returned time to normal. As Eon's body faded into nothingness, Draethius was plunged into the Death Dimension.

Kokabiel was in the ARK's command bridge. There had been no contact from Draethius. At least Egrigori's fleet was winning and according to Pererun, Araqiel was winning his duel with Uriel.
"Bezaliel's flagship has been destroyed," reported an angel.
"Good," said Kokabiel with glee.
In between to the two fleets appeared a behemoth sized Valentine-class kilsein.
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SALIGIA's Past: Still Doll Part 11 ~ Fields of Hope

The Requiem was a Valentine-class kilsein, the only one of its kind. It was capable of crippling a fleet. Instead of a classical command bridge, it had a land mass with a castle on top. In the tallest tower were the captain and three others.
"Fire," ordered the captain.
"Firing," acknowledged Alice.
Requiem fired.

The Requiem fired a blast of electricity. It fried the systems of the majority of the Egrigori fleet.

"Good hit," complimented the captain, Barrel.
When the battle had begun, Barrel and A'Ciel, plus two of A'Ciel's Nobodies, Alice and Lacie, went to fetch Requiem.
"Azazel's Ruby Kilsein is still operational," observed Lacie.
"Then fire again!" ordered A'Ciel.
"Only one shot per hour," reminded Barrel.

Seein ghis fleet immobilized, Kokabiel ordered the ARK's retreat. Azazel's Ruby Kilsein teleported to the Mystic Realm.
"Think you can escape all of us?" asked two angels entering the command bridge.
Kokabiel turned around to see Uriel and Araqiel.
"Impossible!" panicked Kokabiel. "Shamsiel said-"
"Shamsiel is with us," said Uriel.
Uriel had managed to persuade Araqiel and Shamsiel to return to Atlantis' side. In order to let Uirel and Araqiel sneak onto the ARK, Shamsiel was continuously giving 'reports' of their duel at the Swawns hangar, which had survived the explosion.
"You won't get away," promised Uriel.
Uriel shot an arrow at Kokabiel. Kokabiel dodged it but the arrow struck the pilot. The ARK began to dive towards a mountain, Mt. Theo.
"Grab onto something!" shouted Araqiel.
The ARK crashed into the side of Mt. Theo. It then slid down to the valley below.
Kokabiel got up. He had a spain ankle. Uriel and Araqiel were fine.
"Time to die," said Araqiel.
Kokabiel broke a seal, activating a more powerful seal.
"This seal will trap all of us in the Death Dimension where we shall rot together!" laughed Kokabiel hysterically.
In a flash of light, everyone in Azazel's Ruby Kilsein were gone.
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SALIGIA's Past: Still Doll ~ Epilogue

The Egrigori and Fallen Order members from the crippled ships were executed. When Darmadia returned, she pardoned Shamsiel and Samyaza. Araqiel would have been too but he was missing, as was Uriel.
Elder God Luke decided to set up a system to manage the Balance of Good and Evil. He organized SALIGIA. He gave the Sin Stigmas to the survivors of Thorns. Flamel accepted the Stigma of Pride and changed her name to Ashley de Superbia. Carmel accepted the Stigma of Lust and changed her name to Diva de Luxuria. Barrel accepted the Stigma of Envy and changed his name to Valentine de Invidia; his brother and assistant stayed by his side, changing their names to Kira and N.V. Muriel accepted the Stigma of Gluttony and changed her name to Dominique. Dominel accepted the Stigma of Greed and changed his name to Dominic de Avaritia. Luke offered A'Ciel the Stigma of Wrath but she declined. Instead, it was given to Shamsiel, who changed his name to Leonardo. Greel and Gel would stay loyal to Thorns, changing their names to Greed and Lust.
Many casualties were recorded. Chief among them were Adama Evel and Eon. When the Swawns Colony exploded, Sara O'Niel had died in the explosion, having her body incinerated.
The Shadow Imperium was disbanded. Years later, Azriel and Samyaza, who had changed his name to Damien by then, would later collect the remnants of the Shadow Imperium to form the Black Circle.
The kilseins were discontinued from service and destroyed. Valentine kept the castle that was on top of Requiem for his own estate.
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