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78 / F
Posted 1/2/08 , edited 1/2/08
I AGREE WITH OKTOBER! XD These are fun to do!

Name ;; Kids call me Leafy. =D

Age ;; <.< Young.

Orientation ;; Like a ruler babaloo, xD Straight.

Hobbies/Talents ;; Learning new things, pictures, make-up, dance, Sports. xD

Randomness ;;
Auugh. xD I should probably be in bed right now.
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30 / F / キャンディ土地~
Posted 1/2/08 , edited 1/2/08
name.. oshare_jenn_kei.. so if i used mi brain i would guess jen hahaha.
age.. rocking out 19
orientation.. lesbian <333 is that a problem??? hahaha
hobbies/talent.. i design AND sew clothing. i design for hellbent apparel.
randomness.. i think im in love with oktober. hehehe
Posted 1/2/08 , edited 1/2/08
Name- Emily
Orientation- straight!!1 (duh)
Hobbies/talent- Love writing, singing, and have a thing for talking....
Randomness- i'm a bit crazy... (or are they the voices agian? damn them!!)
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26 / M / Amman-Jordan
Posted 1/3/08 , edited 1/3/08
Orientation: Definitely STRAIGHT!!!
Hobbies/Talent: um...singing,playin guitar,bein lazy....
Randomness: ROCK ON!!!!
Posted 1/4/08 , edited 1/5/08
Name: Atsuko or Ko-Ko
Age: 17 soon 18
Orientation: find out youself
Hobbies/Talent: Photography
Randomnessssss: Apple
Posted 1/5/08 , edited 1/5/08
Name: Julie

Age: 5

Orientation: who knows

Hobbies/talent: hmm I'm talented in makin ppl happy and cheering them up bein a D0Rk!

Randomness: I'm the definition of aDORKable! yeaaa envy me bitchez!
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24 / F / California
Posted 1/6/08 , edited 1/7/08
Name-Camille or Xaio LI (name i use in chinese class)


orientation- straight i dont swing that way

hobbies-dancing and drawin surfing the net

randomness-i LOVE asia
Posted 1/6/08 , edited 1/7/08
Name: Cherri

Age: 68! just turned it today! weee~~

Orientation: couldnt tell ya! Sorta Bi but sometimes i think i'm full lesbian! wahaha it changes? i guess?

Hobbies/talent: singing and writing! watching anime and DRAMAS!

Random: I like bunnies!! ^^
Posted 1/16/08 , edited 1/16/08
NAME: BoiMo MoMo::
SEX: Male::
AGE: 18::
HOBBIES: Jammin:: Music:: Gigz::
RANDOM: Cant wait:: Mosh Pit::
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45 / M / London
Posted 1/25/08 , edited 1/25/08
Name: Para
Age: 34 and rising
Orientation: Upright in the sitting position typing this
Hobbies/Talent: I'm just your average,everyday, ho-hum, run of the mill, all round nice guy.... modest too. Currently watching Naruto, Bleach, expanding my Studio Ghibli collection and trying to buy every single Jackie Chan DVD available
Randomness: A cow gives nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.
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Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/27/08
Name:Emily (call me emmie)
Hobbies/talent: writing, singing, and talking
RANDOM: purple cows
Posted 2/8/08 , edited 2/9/08
Name: Taylor
Age: 14
Orientation: STRAIGHT!
Hobbies: music, riding horses, shopping, field hockey
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29 / M / singapore
Posted 2/14/08 , edited 2/14/08
Age: 19
ORIENTATION: straight (:
Hobbies/Talent: <3 dancing, playin my piano, drummer at hardcore gig, sing, anime, bakin too. =pp!
Randomness: errrr tinkin of mel
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26 / F / Florida
Posted 3/1/08 , edited 3/2/08
Name: Just call me KoKo
Age: 16
Orientation: Straight
Hobbies: Games, Anime/Manga/Dramas, Sports, Clothes, Modeling, Photogrpahy, Hair, Music, so much more :[
Random: I love chocolate soy milk and dinos and pokemon.
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