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Posted 9/2/09 , edited 9/3/09

Linda Chung was at the commercial radio station yesterday promoting her song "Thinking of you day and night" from her new album due to release on 11th November, the day specially chosen by the company. Linda expressed that at the beginning, she was only half heartedly when she composed her songs. She didn't expect the company would chose her song to be the first to promote and she feels a bit nervous. Linda was asked who she was thinking of when she was composing that song? Linda said "I was thinking of my pervious boyfriends." Asked if she was thinking of Raymond? Linda said "No, not him. (Was he your previous boyfriend?), no (Will you two develop?) Don't know, I let heaven decide."

Linda Chung pointed out that the theme of the album is about love story, including her own experience. She hopes she will have a great love affairs in the future. She was asked if she had a great love affairs in the past? Linda smiled and said when she was dating as a youngster, she felt every love affair was great. Linda disclosed that the song "One Day" was composed in the kitchen with her brother when they were in Vancouver. She had asked Wong Cho Lam to write the lyrics. Linda had also requested time off work from TVB so that she can concentrate to promote her new album.


heardddd MISSING YOU DAY & NIGHT yet ?
go heear it , its awesome .
hoope raymond can be the MV male lead ;D LOL <3
i love the commments
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