Selling Cheap CRUNCHYROLL Membership
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Posted 9/3/09 , edited 9/3/09
This is the same idea.

Right now it's $100 USD for 1 and a half years anime membership. Which I've bought.

I'm selling the same of $100 to other people for a discounted rate. So if anyone wants to buy anime membership (credited to your account), then you can buy from me for cheaper.

This helps people which can't afford as much anime membership, be able to afford it.

I'll be selling 1 and half years membership ($100) for the price of 3 months ($20).

That's 80% off.

This isn't a scam and I'll be glad to credit in the anime membership before you pay out to me. :)

I buy directly from crunchyroll, so that means crunchyroll earns more, and you guy's have to pay less :)


Just drop me a PM.

Hope this isn't against the rules of crunchyroll, which shouldn't be because I'm just creating more profit for crunchyroll.

NOTE: I've already posted this on the Anime Members Section of the forum
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Posted 9/3/09 , edited 9/4/09
It doesn't matter to me since I can't watch any of the videos I want on CR
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Posted 9/3/09 , edited 9/4/09
lol why should i buy anime membership yet i live in japan, the anime country itself?
Posted 9/3/09 , edited 9/4/09
But it's still a personal thread.
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