5 tips for swimsiuts
Posted 9/3/09 , edited 9/4/09
Swimsuit season is here! For some it has been here for a while, but with the unpredictable summer weather you might not have had the chance to shop just yet. The best part of swimsuit season is finding the perfect suit. What makes a suit perfect, however, depends a great deal about you and what you plan to do in the water.

Blonde DollsDefine Your Goal
What is your most important goal when wearing a swimsuit? Are you looking to be cute while laying on a chair listening to your iPod, or are you planning to surf? Will you be swimming laps or boating? Before you head to the swim shop to start finding the best suit, be sure of what you want your suit to do exactly. The suit that will be rolling and diving through the waves will need to be a bit sturdier than the one that lies about on a towel all summer.

Figure Out Your Comfort Level
We are all different with different body types. Swim suits are one of the great tests for many – how comfortable are you in a swimsuit? If you aren’t comfortable showing much skin, you’ll need to make a decision based on that, and you have plenty of choices are one piece suits are becoming more popular again. If you’re more comfortable with daring two-pieces suits, then go for it. Only you know what you’re comfortable wearing.

Make It About You Not Them
Your swimsuit is all about you - not what anyone else thinks. If your friends are all wearing string bikinis and you’re in a halter and board shorts, what’s the problem? They can worry about losing strings and you can do pretty much whatever you want without worry that you’ll lose your suit at an embarrassing moment or pop out of the top coming out of the waves.

Comfort is Important
Not only should you be comfortable with the type of suit you’re getting, you should be comfortable in your suit. If the suit is too tight or pulls in weird places, you’re not going to enjoy your outing and you’ll likely look a bit unusual in a suit that is cutting in or pulling strangely. Swimsuits run notoriously small, so don’t worry if you have to go up a size when trying on suits. The way that suit feels is much more important than the size on the tag.

Buy Multiple Suits
Finally, don’t spend all of your swimsuit money in one place or on one suit. Buy at least two different suits to be sure you have one for everything you want to do and that you have one to wear if the other is drying or you’ve left it at a friend’s house. Swimsuits can be expensive – which is especially amusing considering how little fabric is used to make one, but look for great deals on suits as you’ll likely want a new one next year anyway.
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