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This site is in Chinese.But, It’s pretty simple to navigate. Once you hit the front page just click on a random link and it opens a new window. This site has pics of the cutest, most ulzzangest asian “dolls” ever (girls and boys)! NOT only that but it also has a post about how to lace your shoes in the most asian styles. Isn’t that cool???

Sooo...check out the site and tell me what you think.

非主流美女 - Non-mainstream beautiful woman; Girls’ photos

非主流帅哥 - Non-mainstream graceful elder brother; Guy “elder brother” photos.

非主流服饰 - Non-mainstream clothing; a look at styles

非主流发型 - Non-mainstream hairstyle; Hairstyles! How to’s tutorials

女生宿舍 - female student dormitory; Make-up, nails, hair care, etc…

非主流照片制作 - Non-mainstream picture manufacture; Photoshop tutorials

PS: For some of u who don't noe what's the difference between korean ulzzang & chinese/taiwanese ulzzang.
Well, the fact is wen u see an ulzzang gurl who has a link that says "". It means that they r taiwanese ulzzangs & not the korean ones.
That's wat makes the taiwanese ulzzang more fake looken than the korean ulzzangs.

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Okay guys...i've made a big mistake staing that has all taiwanese gurl.
I've only seen like 3 gurls that look & r real korean ulzzangs.
Like Pony. Soo...please do ur research 1st before proceeding. hehehe
Plus, i'm not chinese so i don't noe wat the signs means..
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Oh yea...i kno that website...and you are right most of the girls are chinese.
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1. Pony


3. Ben Ben (not sure if she's korean tho)

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