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Start Roleplaying here.

Objective: Plot to overthrow the Britannian Empire.
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*Knock, Knock* I stand up to get the door. Opens it the the pizza guy. "Here's your pizza ma'am." he smiled. "Thank you." I take it and shut the door.

Wearing only one of Lelouch's button down shirts, I sat on his bed with the pizza. I begin to eat, wondering, "Where's Lelouch?.."
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*opens the door and walks into the room* "Hey C.C. , so how is your day?" *lays down on my bed an takes off my dress shirt to relax a little*
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"Hm? It's so unlike you Lelouch. My day was fine, thank you for asking."
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*looks at you funny*
Would you rather I act like ass?
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Smiles "Now that's the Lelouch I know"

(Don't you remember? Lelouch always act like an ass towards C.c)

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*Nunnally is sleeping in her room* she gets up and gets dressed * *but since shes blind she cant move withou anyones help* onii chan where are you
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"C.C. shut up" *closes my eyes*

(not always)
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Looks up. "Mmm.. Lelouch, Nunnally is looking for you." Eats another slice of pizza.

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Nunnally I am in here !
*pushes C.C. off the bed* Get in the closet !
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Johnbrisbeast wrote:

Nunnally I am in here !
*pushes C.C. off the bed* Get in the closet !

Fine fine...walks to the closet
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