Can someone tell me that tittle of this manga?
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Posted 9/4/09 , edited 9/5/09
hi i just need help remembering the title of this manga that i remember and want to read again. and the manga has romance and comedy in it, i'm pretty sure. if you think the plot is familiar plz reply. thank you :)

from what i remember from the plot is that the protagonist is a female and ppl think that she looks older than she actually is. like i think they think she's in high school when she's only in middle school. and then i think she goes to live with some other family, not sure if it's a relative of hers or just a family friend. and she starts liking this guy that lives there. that's all i remember...

the manga is an old kind of manga i think cuz i remember the drawing look like the drawings from the early 2000.

remember how there used to be mangas available to read online here on crunchy? well i read that manga here so if anyone remembers reading it too, please tell me, thanks.

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