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Posted 9/5/09 , edited 9/5/09
Mirai-chan has two blogs;
she's mostly on her cellphone blog site, only those who could register subscribe for it are those who could get updates about her from mirai-chan herself! [and just so you know Japanese or people in Japan are like the only ones who could do that, because if you live in another country that's pretty hard and expensive!

the other one is at her official website. [ ]
her blog there isnt really always updated, only the info's. but i guess its somehow useful too. but i dont read that much,, [like i can! i cant reaaddd a lot of kanji!]

if you want you could use this site to read her blog posts from her cellphone blog website translated by future2000 from LJ ^_^
[ ]

tanoshinde kudasai~
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