Post Reply Manga Coloring Requests
Posted 9/6/09 , edited 9/6/09

Request Form

Mod Requesting:
Color of Text:
Color of person(Hair, Skin, Eyes,Etc.):
Did you upload 3 pics in the Payment Album?:
Picture(In spoiler):

Coloring Examples

Requesting Rules

USE. Use it at least for one day.
PROVIDE. HQ photos are what we seek.
AVOID. Edited images are a no-no. STOCKS only please.
CREDIT. Crediting us is highly appreciated
COMMENT. No comments allowed here only requesting and recieving. Put your comment in the comment forum
Mod. Rules

WORK. Edit a request stating that you want to do it by putting your username on it [ex. eaten // Ice-Panda ]
UPLOAD. Upload the finished graphic in the group album. Make sure you upload it in the right one
RECIEVING. When you give the user his/hers order make sure to tell them that comments go in the comment forum. All comments in the forum will be deleted
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