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Posted 9/6/09 , edited 9/27/09
Plz read these rules anyway just in case you didn't read them on the home page or pages.


~No swearing - Us people don't want any swearing in this group. It's just not good at all! You could hurt someone's feelings and we don't want that here. We want everyone to be happy! So no swearing on the wall, page's wall, forum posts, photo comments etc. We'll bann you from the group and maybe CR if you don't obey this rule.

~No inappropiate language - This rule is kind of the same as the no swearing rule but if you have a word in your mind that you're not sure if you should say it or not, don't say it. Chances are it might be a rude or inappropiate word and might hurt someone's feelings. So please don't say any inappropiate words on the wall, page's wall, forum posts, photo comments etc. We'll bann you from the group and maybe CR if you don't obey this rule.

~No stealing - This rule is VERY important! A lot of CR stealers like to steal when it isn't theirs or like to try to copy. Some stealers have been reported or had their account deleted or tried to copy someone's work. It pisses people off so don't steal from this group! How would you feel if someone stole your work and you spent so much time on it? PISSED OFF! So don't steal! If we catch anyone stealing, we WILL bann you from CR.

~No spamming - Don't spam on the wall or anywhere else except the SPAM section. People don't really like to read spam so don't spam on the wall just because you want CR points. Just spam in the SPAM section. It's not so hard.

~No bullying - Nobody should be bullying someone in this group. We don't want any feelings hurt. If you're mad at someone talk to them in PM. We don't want to listen to bullying. But if we catch anyone bullying you'll be banned from the group. Chances are if you keep doing it outside of the group we might bann you from CR. So be careful.

~No rushing mods - Please don't rush mods to make your graphic or whatever. Mods don't like to hear that. Mods try to make you happy so they take their time. If we hear you asking a mod to make your graphic or something 3 times a week we'll give you a warning. 3 warnings and you'll be banned from this group. Graphic mods will inform you that they can't make it because of school or business. If you rushed a mod and the mod shows you the graphic and you insulted them that you don't like it, we'll bann you from the group. Just ask nicely to fix this. Not so hard!

~No Complaining.~ - No one likes to hear you complain, so please do not complain about your aviis or garphics, or what you ge tfrom teh vending machine. Thankyou.

~Break any of the rules you'll get banned!
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