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* * * * *

  • Day 1 "Flip a Coin"

    He nicely coaxed the bow-hairpin threw her bangs, a perfect fit. The perfect look for his soul-mate. Muffy had peace of mind for once; her life was perfect this way. It was tranquil.

    Or was it?

    May, 8th was the date. It was Spring, not quite Summer but still- warm. Her dad owned a farm a long ways away, too far from Muffy's paradise. He payed her a visit on that date; a quarter 'till 12. "Muffy, I think your old enough now to come visit your old man, what do you say?" Griff, Muffy's dad who lived far, far away at some farm, it was Muffy's hometown though, she had been born there, technically. Her boyfriend, soul mate, friend, lover urged her to go. He wanted her to see her birth place once more. Though he would be left behind and would miss Muffy greatly... he would cope some way.

    "Dad- I...I don't know...this place, here I've made so many memories! I LOVE it here!" I discussed it over dinner, Cross- my boyfriend, squeezed my hand under the table. I couldn't argue with it though, A part of me did want to go, than that other part wanted to remain here with Cross...

    "`Kay, Dad. I've decided..." I lifted my head up high finally, regaining that cheerful color in my face again; "I'll flip a coin." I smiled warmly showing my teeth, Cross laughed but only I could here it. Dad nodded his head, reasonable. "Alright."

    I used my other hand that wasn't occupied with Cross' and got out a coin from my pocket, "Heads- I stay here. Tails, I go visit." I set the coin on top of my thumb, curled it up and flipped.

    It came out Tails.

    * * * * *

  • Day 2 "The ' See you Later' "

    So it was determined; the coin came out Tails... I packed some of my belongings for the trip; we would board a train and get there that way. I was leaving a part of myself with Cross, he knew that. "Hey, Cross? What will you do while I'm gone?" I asked him out of curiosity, we were on our favorite hill overseeing the sunrise, it was almost time to go...

    "Not sure. Can't imagine being here without you..."

    He squeezed my hand and I did the same in return, "I love you, I'll always love you. Don't forget that while I'm gone..."

    He shook his head, smiling. "How could I ever forget?"

    I kissed him on the lips then, the kiss was the same as ever- always gentle and full of love. I wonder how we would break the news to my Dad, me and Cross wanted to get married... but, breaking the news would have to come after my trip.

    Cross and I were independent, we loved each other, that I was positively sure of. He lived with me, we had our own house and everything...My mom...I don't know much about her, she wanted nothing to do with me; that's all I knew. Dad and I weren't as close as I hoped, he hardly visited...once every 5 months I presumed.

    The sun was up, and it was time to meet Dad back at home; probably waiting for me as we speak. We needed to board that train as early as possible. "Cross...I'll see you in about 2-3 weeks, 'kay?" I told him in my sweet voice- I knew he would miss me. He'll cope some way. He'll have the house to himself...I can trust him with that.

    "I'll miss you. . ." He told me quietly in my ear. Hugging my affectionately shortly after, it was a long embrace.

    I've wondered ever since the coin showed Tails how I could say good-bye to him. But good-bye's always seemed like "we'll never see each other again" or something, I didn't want that.

    So I said;

    "See you later." Our foreheads touched and we smiled with our eyes closed, I would miss this.

    "See you later, love." He said, and with that we opened our eyes and I went back home to meet Dad.

    * * * * *

  • Day 3 "The Home Land"

    We took the train in the plaza and spent a lot of time talking about our lives, mostly mine. My life with Cross- the house. Everything. Dad wanted to become a part of my life again, that was good. He was so far. He'd asked me questions about how I met Cross, how I became to love him so much, who's decision it was to buy our own house. It was our house. And our decision.

    I was 19 in a half, I was old enough. I used to visit Dad at the farm each year when I was a little girl, but once I moved into town I met Cross and made so many memories with him. I wanted my life to be in that town. I loved the town so much that I'd stopped visiting Dad at his farm.

    "There's somethin' else I wanna know Muff." He called me Muff, it's been too long since he done that. Since I was a little girl.

    "What is it?" I asked.

    "How were you absolutely sure you've found the one? Was it love at first sight? Or was it just a gut feeling?"

    Dad always used to think I would be the only girl in his life, well, daughter. You see- his Mom we don't speak anymore. Or that's what Dad says. He told me once they got into some argument over me and it ended badly. It still doesn't make sense...

    "Well, Dad. I don't believe in this 'Love At First Sight' thing, I guess when I first heard his voice I just, knew it..."

    "Knew what?" He raised an eyebrow, switching his eyes off of me finally and looking out of the rectangular window.

    "That I would be with him." Just thinking about him made butterflies in my stomach.

    The train came to a stop, and some passengers got off. It was going to be a long day...

    20 minutes later, Dad started talking again. "This is going to be a long while until we get there...get some rest, okay?" He relaxed his head on the pillow comforter, crossing his hands over his stomach as he slept.

    I nodded my head half-unconscious, it was dark out now, the moon wasn't out yet though.

    Dad started snoring. He still does that... I laughed to myself.

    There were so many intervals on the train, and a lot of passengers. We go our own little area just for the two of us.

    About an hour or so I leaned my head against the window, falling asleep to Dad's snores.

    * * *

    Waking up in a train was...a new for me. I peeked out the window and heard bird tweeting and the sun beaming into my eyes- also I noticed the flat land. It was morning and I got out of my seat to see how many more passengers were left, only a few. We would reach destination very soon. Dad had stopped his snoring at least. I sat back down and sighed, wondering how Cross was doing. Remembering just before I left how he got me my bow hair-pin that I loved so much, I looked out the window to only see the train slowly coming to a screeching stop.

    "Dad! Wake up were here!" I raised my fists up to my chest, eager and finally glad all the sitting around would come to an end, and I would be sleeping on a bed. I moved him around a bit in his seat and he woke up with a loud sort of gibberish, 'GAWABHA!'

    He realized the excitement in my eyes and knew it was our stop, the last stop. Dad thanked the train guy who didn't sleep a wink to get us to our destination- and we walked down the steps to my Home Land.

    "Welcome back home, Muff!" He squeezed me tight from behind, I looked down to my feet, still smiling. My feet were on the land I was born on!

    * * * * *

  • Day 4 "Mom's Grave"

    The morning was exhausting and an excitement at the same time! My bones felt soar having to sit up while I slept on the train. No room to relax. Dad was so exited to see me here, but honestly, I don't remember much of my time here...I can't remember all the fond memories I had with Dad and Mom...

    I was old enough to know, what exactly happened between Mom and Dad. Why do they not speak with each other?

    "Dad...Please tell me, before, you said that you and Mom had an argument over me...what was it about? Why does she not want to be a part of my life?" This greatly troubled me, any girl- women needed a Mother. That was a given.

    Dad sighed and hugged me real tight again just like when we got off the train, my chin was on his shoulder, but I made no attempt to give him the same affection as he's given me right now. I need to know what happened!

    "Your Mother..." He began, but sighed again. He was obviously not comfortable with the topic. We began walking a few paces somewhere, I didn't know where he was leading me, while we were walking though I remembered a small portion of memories sweep threw my mind, they were of how I used to walk around holding hands with Mom and Dad, the way I giggled.

    Dad stopped walking. And in front of us a grave stood by a long tree that shaded the two of us. No...Dad, this can't be. Mom's Grave...?!

    She had...DIED?

    I read the inscription about 100 times before realization hit. Hard.

    'Here lye Sophie Dawn, a beloved Mother and Wife. Forever Missed. Never Forgotten!'

    My legs shook before me and forced me down to my knees, ""

    Dad shook his head sadly and held me to his chest, resting his head on the top of mine, "Your Mother was a great person."

    I noticed the past tense, was.

    "Since you were about 6 or 7, your Mother and I had issues...deciding upon the best place for you to live, we knew when you grew older you didn't want to spend your teenage life in a farm...we've always fought about it behind your back..."

    "S-So...why did you say she wanted no part in my life!? Why didn't you tell me the truth!?" I shouted threw sobs.

    "I-I had to wait for the right time! And...I just couldn't bring myself to tell you!" He stuttered, and still held my fragile body.

    "I thought all this time...that she just didn't want me...! That she just lived somewhere far away...and would never visit me." I couldn't believe my Mom was dead the whole time, until, what? Since I was young?

    "Your Mother died unexpectedly, it was a heart attack...or that's what the doctors are confirming. But...she had a weak heart, and she would always get stressed over the tiniest of things..." He shook his head and I finally looked up at him, the tears still there.

    "Dad, don't keep any more secrets from me! I'm 19 years old now...I'm NOT a little girl, I can take the truth, just believe in me."

    He nodded his head, and we both sighed contently.

    I would just have to live on without a hard could it be? A lot of people go threw this...

    Dad showed me the way to his house, our house. His farm was fantastic. Barns. Stables. Everything you could find in a farm! He would have to give me a tour of it first thing in the morning! Right now, I just needed to lay down and sleep...and think.

    Night approached quickly, I showered, and slunk into bed with thoughts of my deceased Mother.

    [^^ More Soon Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ]

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