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Aristocrats beautifully attired in a land filled with the scent of roses. There live two clans; One who believe that death brings everlasting happiness, the others seek eternal life...
One day both dreams become reality, the others would never be destroyed.They were forced to live in loneliness like a never ending punishment...

The other's time had come. Descendents of the Rose appeared. With their meeting a memory of that day came flooding back, and the story begins.........

Rowan was not one of 'Others' of legend, which were obviously vampires. A thousand years had passed since the Descendents of the Rose had tried to kill the 'Others'. On that faithfull day Humanity had been destroyed leaving an almost fully vampire populated world. Rowan was the only surviving human left her parents having been slaughtered before her eyes when she was 4.
Rowan was just as beautiful as any vampire but she lacked the raident luster that their skin gave off in the moonlight. No fangs either. she could pass herself off as a fledgling if she wanted. her maroon colored hair hung down to her waist in natural curls. her eyes were a bright green and her skin was the color of a new peach.
At the moment she was trying not to meet the gazes of any passerby as she carefully picked her way through the market street with her hood over her head.
Twelve men in important looking coats of armour passed by. Rowan averted her eyes but she couldn't help herself and watched them pass anyway. One of the men, about her age, noticed her staring. He gave her and evil glare and kept walking past.
"Jerk..." Rowan whispered to herself when she thought she was safe. She continued on her way quietly until she reached her alley. She slept uncomfortably, thoughts of the boy and his glare invading her dreams.

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